Omega Seamaster Replica Aqua Terra 150 m 41 mm watch

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra watch as one of the most unique cheap replica watches, refined design and marine exploration of the perfect blend of the spirit to create a variety of elegant and elegant charm of the timepiece. This year’s Seamaster Aqua Terra watch as well, in the appearance of the show once they have been the concern of the table friends. Recently, I visited the Omega flagship store located in Xintiandi, Beijing Oriental, and found that the new Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150 meters to the Observatory 41 mm watch is in stock sale, with stainless steel orange leather strap, the perfect fusion of classic and dynamic . Below, we take a look: (watch model:

With a diameter of 41 mm and a horizontal “teak” textured silver dial, the watch is inspired by the teak deck on the luxury yacht, a unique feature of the brand’s collection. In addition, the brand designer moved the calendar display window, which was originally located at the 3 o’clock position, to the 6 o’clock position to pay tribute to the first Omega watch with a date window displayed in 1952, Symmetrical, balanced timepiece aesthetics, distinctive, impressive.

Stainless steel case, polished to the front to deal with the side to drawing polished, showing the material to enjoy two different view, the more prominent the lugs and the beauty of the lines of the case. Watch on one side of the steel crown, engraved with Omega Replica Watches logo on it, giving the watch a unique charm, the crown around the non-slip texture design, to ensure the convenience of the watch debugging and fluency.

On the silver-white dial, the hands and the solid triangle hourglass are blacked and covered with a Super-LumiNova luminescent coating, allowing time to be observed even in darker environments. Central seconds hand coated orange, “Seamaster” words and minutes on the four quarter-minute figures are also presented in orange, adding a dynamic and dynamic color dial.

Powered by the 8900 Pegasus Observatory movement, this watch is certified by the Observatory, a leading industry-certified standard approved by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS), ensuring precise travel time and exceptional magnetic properties. Back through the process design will watch the mechanical movement of the internal movement is presented, do not have some fun. Watch has a water depth of 150 meters, power reserve of 60 hours.

Orange leather strap, decorated with white stitching on the edges, echoing the orange seconds hand and the words “seamaster”, revealing the overall vibrant dynamic. Equipped with stainless steel folding clasp, embossed Omega LOGO, just press both sides can easily wear or remove the watch, more convenient.

Summary: In addition, there are hot this year, the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150 meters to Zhen Observatory 41 mm watch has also been shelved, the current blue rubber strap fire, the remaining number less, but fortunately in-store support order. If you like this watch watchmate may wish to enter the shop for more information.

Omega Seamaster Replica AQUA TERRA 150 meters

15 years ago, the birth of the Swiss Haute Horlogerie Aqua Terra, the Haute Horlogerie brand, has become a distinctive brand in the development of just over a decade with outstanding performance and an impressive appearance. This year, Omega adds new work to this series, that is, the Seamaster AQUA TERRA 150 meters to the Observatory 41 mm watch, the news has just been released, it has been the concern of the table friends, become nowadays very hot wrists Table style. Now this watch has come out, we take advantage of this opportunity to visit the Omega Replica Beijing SKP flagship store. Here, let’s take a look: (watch model:

As far back as 2002, Omega has added a “Wrist of the Aqua Terra” to the series of hippocampus, where the Latin word “Aqua” means water, “Terra” means earth, and they are the design of the hippocampus Source, to show the brand’s classic performance and excellence in design heritage. This year’s brand new products will once again hippocampus watch to the climax, showing the simplicity, atmosphere, balance of beauty, the city’s modern sense of the depths and the perfect combination of the ocean, it is all the best.

41 mm stainless steel case, after the brand carefully polished show great enjoyment. Especially the delicate bezel, showing the pure beauty of steel material. On the same side of the case with the same material crown, engraved with Omega LOGO drawings, showing a unique brand recognition beauty. And to create non-slip texture, more convenient for the wearer’s debugging operation.

Simple and easy to read the dial equipped with “teak” texture, so watch a more balanced, harmonious sense. The most striking feature of the “Aqua Terra” of the hippocampus “Teak” is inspired by the teak deck on the yacht, presenting a lifestyle that is compatible with the sea. The new watch, the texture of the original vertical to the horizontal texture, making the watch once again shines. The calendar moved from three times to 6 hours position, highlighting the overall balance of the watch.

This timepiece, the watch is equipped with the movement of the Omega Replica Watches 8900 Pegasus Observatory and is certified to the Peugeot Observatory, a leading industry-certified standard approved by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS), to ensure the precise travel time of the watch and the excellent magnetic protection. This watch has 60 hours of power reserve, can withstand up to 15,000 Gauss strong magnetic field.

This time, another highlight of this watch is the blue plaid strap, sporty blue rubber material to plaid plaid decoration, the side of the gray suture treatment, unique and beautiful. Using steel folding clasp, also embossed on it Omega LOGO drawings, exquisite appearance, pick and wear convenience.

Summary: According to clerk introduction, compared with the steel chain, belt section, the blue tape section of the Omega Seamaster AQUA TERRA 150 meters to Zhen Observatory 41 mm cheap replica watches is relatively hot, the current stock in the store is running out, and good Flagship store to provide ordering services, if not in a hurry demand for this watch, it touches can wait for some time. Friends like this style may wish to seize the opportunity to go to the store for more details.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra replica watches

In 2002, Omega was a member of the Seamaster family and gave it the name “Aqua Terra” in order to show its classic design and excellent performance of the Seamaster series. “Aqua” and “Terra” means water and earth, these two Latin words not only describe the human survival of the world, but also to Omega Replica inspiration inspired to create a classic Seamaster series watch.

The new Seamaster series Aqua Terra 150 meters coaxial to Zhen astronomical watch, in the popular design elements, into a lot of ingenious innovation. The most significant change is that the “teak concept” dial from the vertical texture into a horizontal texture, so watch the glow of simple charm. Case of unique symmetrical design full of beauty. Official model:

Omega will dial design again simplified, part of the dial on the text was transferred to the table back, the date window is also adjusted to 6 o’clock position.
Omega will dial design again simplified, part of the dial on the text was transferred to the table back, the date window is also adjusted to 6 o’clock position.

Teak Texture Dial is called the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra watch the most significant feature, its design inspiration from the yacht on the teak deck, showing a fit with the ocean lifestyle. Today, Omega will once again upgrade the classic design, vertical texture into a horizontal texture, so cheap replica watches a glow of new charm.
The new conical crown is made of Sedna® 18K gold.

Case on both sides of the classic curved ear ear the most eye-catching, reminiscent of super-series series of the moon and the second generation of Seamaster 300 watch.
The use of traditional matte treatment of stainless steel case, tough and generous.
Blue strap made of rubber, decorated with gray suture, through the additional Sedna 18K gold chain section and the case connected into one.

With the traditional folding clasp, more convenient to wear.

The back of the table is designed with corrugated edges. Watch interior equipped with Omega 8800 to Zhen astronomical movement. The entire watch and movement through the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) strict approval of the watch industry high certification standards, to achieve the accuracy, performance and magnetic resistance on the excellent upgrade.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150 meters watch is always known for its excellent travel time and excellent waterproof performance, a new design and innovative watchmaking process, and people are active and vibrant way of life complement each other. It is accompanied by people in the yacht to enjoy leisure time, in-depth exploration of the ocean unknown world.