4 Vintage Omega replica watches

As you presumably know at this point, on Fratellowatches.com we have a Speedmaster subject each Tuesday, called Speedy Tuesday. A fruitful arrangement of articles additionally brought about an “Expedient Tuesday” Event (photograph report here) at the official ‘Space Expo’ guests’ focal point of the European Space Agency in The Netherlands. Be that as it may, the Speedmaster is only one of numerous models in the Omega inventory.

With this arrangement of Omega articles, we will zoom in on a portion of the other fascinating models that Omega fabricated (or still makes). This first post is about my own picks of Omega watches that can be had for under $1,000. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, despite the fact that new Omega watches are much more costly, $1,000 or less can in any case purchase you some extremely intriguing vintage or pre-claimed models from the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s. Numerous are watches that are eminent for their quality in-house developments by gatherers and fans.

As gathering vintage Omega replica watches — particularly the Seamaster and Speedmaster models — gets more prominent, costs have gone up radically in the course of the most recent decade. Be that as it may, it is still conceivable to get other intriguing watches under $1,000. Numerous are in the Constellation accumulation, once Omega’s lead model. The accumulation about-faces to 1952 and Constellation watches are adulated for their exact chronometer developments. An all-gold Constellation was more costly than a Rolex Day-Date with President arm ornament back in the 1950s and ’60s. All-gold Omega Constellations cost well over $4,000 – $5,000 nowadays, yet are still less expensive to source than an all-gold Rolex Day-Date Reference 1803 with President wrist trinket. Omega’s Seamaster watches about-face to 1948 and, notwithstanding the celebrated Seamaster 300 plunging models, Omega made various Seamaster dress watches that merit looking at.

The way that these watches can be found for under $1,000 has little to do with their quality or magnificence; the issue with the vast majority of them is that today’s watch lovers discover their 34-mm case distances across to be too little. Other observe that, when worn on a decent cowhide strap, such a watch makes the ideal dress look for formal events. The period in which you could discover a Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch” for under $1,000 is over, in any case, unless you’re sufficiently fortunate to discover somebody who doesn’t recognize what he or she is offering.

This is what I found amid a fast pursuit on the interwebs.

Omega Constellation Reference 2852 10SC, ca.1961

We should begin with two or three Constellation models you ought to have the capacity to hotspot for under a fantastic. In spite of the fact that this watch looks somewhat utilized, worn, or maybe even “harmed,” some may value its “patina.” Although I am not very partial to dials that are scarred, this one shows that the watch has seen a touch of the world. This piece helps me to remember an old, comfortable looking calfskin Chesterfield love seat. This is a mid 1960s model that has a Caliber 505 development. These first arrangement of Caliber 50x developments came directly after their guard developments (Caliber 354 etc) and are thought to be strong entertainers. After the 50x arrangement, Omega thought of the 55x and 56x developments, which are enhanced variants. Much the same as all other Constellation watches of that period, this one was chronometer-evaluated. The dial has the “formally guaranteed chronometer” wording and the development has “changed in accordance with 5 positions and temperatures” engraved.


This reference 2852 10SC Constellation has a 35-mm case distance across and has the extravagant hauls and 10-sided winding crown. The dial has a lot of patina, yet is still extremely comprehensible, with expansive dauphine hands. It’s not appeared in the photos, but rather on the caseback of this Constellation (as on all the present models, too, I accept) is a decorating of an observatory. This specific model has a gold token on the back, with the Geneva observatory.

Omega Constellation “C” Model reference 168.017 ca.1968

Later in the 1960s, Omega thought of an alternate case plan for the Constellation gathering. While the popular round “pie-skillet” models were still accessible amid the time, Omega additionally presented the “C”- formed model. The one I picked is Reference 168.017. It contains programmed Caliber 564, which has a snappy set element. This model has all the earmarks of being bigger than the round models, mostly because of the incorporated drags, but at the same time is only 35-mm in measurement. It unquestionably wears bigger, however. You will likewise have the capacity to discover these models from a later period with a 300-Hz tuning-fork development.

In spite of the fact that the case shape is somewhat impossible to miss for now’s tastes, maybe, the dial is something you ought to pay consideration on. It has an extremely decent surface, which is somewhat hard to find in the photo, and the stick-formed hour markers have onyx decorates. The caseback has the Geneva Observatory image, obviously.

3662 3663

As should be obvious on the photo of the development, the gold-copper completion is exceptionally decent to take a gander at. In the event that you are going to purchase a vintage Omega with a comparative gauge, make a point to have a look at the development before you purchase. Some of them have green spots (dampness) or patina (likewise dampness) and if there are an excessive number of these spots, I would allow the watch to sit unbothered.

Omega Seamaster De Ville 166.020 ca.1968

Prior to the De Ville turned into a stand-alone accumulation of watches, Omega utilized this name for a portion of the dress watches in its Seamaster gathering. Some of these Seamaster dress watches really are not that very different from the Constellation watches, with the exception of that the Constellation models dependably had chronometer-affirmed developments and the cases were somewhat fancier.


This Seamaster De Ville likewise has a programmed gauge (565) and has a gold-topped case. Try not to mix up this for a plaque or twofold; it is more similar to a shell of strong gold that goes over a stainless-steel case. You could say these were the two-tone watches of that period. Lamentably, the watch in this photograph does not have a unique crown (it is unsigned and marginally too huge) however with a touch of fortunes you may discover either a unique extra crown, or even a model with the right crown. The stainless steel caseback has the Seamaster logo and Seahorse picture embellished.

Omega Genève Chronostop ca.1970

Omega’s Genève gathering is somewhat odd, to be completely forthright. It was utilized as a mark for every single diverse kind of watches, from dress watches like the ones above to energetic watches, for example, the Genève Dynamic models of the 1970s. One of the Genève models I truly like is the Chronostop watch. It was elusive one under $1,000, as the model is generally prominent for a little cased watch, however I figured out how to do as such.


This specific watch’s development is Caliber 865, taking into account Lemania Caliber 2225. It has a monopusher chronograph capacity. As should be obvious, the watch has stand out pusher, which is utilized to begin, delay (not stop), and reset the red seconds hand. By pushing it once, the chronograph hand begins to run. On the off chance that you need to stop the time, you need to push it and hold it down. On the off chance that you discharge the catch, it will reset to zero once more.

(All the above photographs are sourced from eBay or other watch-offering stages.)

Other Omega watches that would fit the $1,000 bill incorporate the 1970s Omega Genève Dynamic, a gold-topped Omega Seamaster Calendar with the date gap at 6 o’clock, and various other Constellation and Seamaster references. One of the fun parts of the journey is the test of discovering one that is the right look for you furthermore fit as a fiddle. Surrender any would like to discover a Constellation or Seamaster in gold, or to get one with box, papers and unique receipt, for this sort of cash. In any case, on the off chance that you do run over one, don’t waver.