An Omega Replica Speedmaster Reference 2998-1 With Original Bracelet, Bezel, Box, Booklets, And Papers

Vintage Omega replica has long presented a great alternative to pricey world of vintage Rolex. Eric was kind enough to give you three great old Omega replica pieces for sale in last Friday’s “What’s Selling Where” round-up, but, when I came across the Omega replica watch we have here today, I couldn’t wait for Friday to show it off. You’re looking at an Omega replica Speedmaster Reference 2998-1, which alone, is a great piece. The 2998-1 was officially the first Speedmaster to feature a black bezel (before that they were steel, like this, and you occasionally see a late 2915-3 with a black bezel). The 2998-1 commands a high premium over later 2998-x models because, well, it was the first of its kind and set the bar for all manually wound Speedmasters that would come after it.

Present are all the original hands, the original base 1000 bezel (incidentally, I own a 2998-1 and it doesn’t even have this bezel. It has a slightly later base 500 bezel that i know isn’t original, but it has clearly been on the Omega replica watch a long time, and it looks great, so i let it go.), original dial, pushers, and crown.

This particular example is so, so good for a few reasons. The 2998-1 is rare on its own and to find an original one is a difficult task. And then, there is finding one, and finding one. What i mean by this is it is very common for 2998’s to have lost original pushers, hands, dials, or bezels along their lives. And that’s not to speak of how uncommon it is to find one with original paperwork. It just doesn’t happen. This particular Omega replica watch has all that, and more. It has literally everything you could ask for in a vintage Omega replica watch.

The overall condition of this all original 2998-1 with full package is also very impressive. Considering the rarity of this reference, let alone one that can easily be described as a “full spec” Omega replica watch, with just about every accessory one could ask for, and considering this Omega replica watch is now in Italy, I can assure you this Omega replica watch will not be a budget buy. But, for a serious collector looking for a truly incredible Omega replicapackage, I’m not sure it could get much better.