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With the new year comes new replica watches, and with plenty of series celebrating anniversaries this year, only months and days now separate the market from some potentially very interesting updates. Among the models celebrating anniversaries is the Omega Constellation, which turns 65 years old in 2017. This will also be the 35th year of production for the Constellation’s “Manhattan” model. The Constellation series is highly valued group by Omega replica fans, both in its vintage and modern versions, so this year could mark a significant development of the lineage in a more historically-oriented way — much as the release of the Globemaster did in 2015.

As mentioned, the Constellation series was founded in 1952 and featured “pie-pan” dials. These pieces came in steel, yellow gold, and occasionally even platinum; often featured geometric hour markers and dauphine hands; and were held in high esteem for their superior timekeeping. These are the models that have gone on to inspire today’s Globemaster production line (seen below), but are designs that have more or less been under the radar since the late 1960s.

Today’s models are more commonly based upon the “Manhattan” design family released in 1982. These cheap replica watches, while sharing the Constellation name and the signature observatory emblem on the caseback, were different than the pie-pan models of the past. They were first developed using quartz movements (Omega didn’t release a mechanical, automatic model until 1985), were relatively thin, had integrated bracelets and very different dial configurations, and, most notably, included four claws on the bezel to secure the crystal to the rest of the case. They were very much a product of the 1980s, but have nevertheless retained a strong place in the brand’s lineup in the decades since, with both men’s and ladies’ versions available.

The contemporary series offered by Omega includes day-date models, mechanical and quartz movements, integrated leather straps as well as metal bracelets, and an array of material options from steel, to the three golds, to combinations of each. Focusing primarily on the date-only, all metal, and non-jeweled models, we find that the watch has a host of features both similar to, and contrasting with, historical references within the series. It uses the integrated-clasping bracelet common to the series and the distinctly shaped case available in 38-mm and 35-mm diameters, with either a sapphire or solid caseback (for mechanical and quartz movements, respectively); and features the four-clawed bezel engraved with Roman numerals for each hour except the 3 and 6 o’clock marks.

On the dial, which is available in a range of color and material options, is an outer luminescent minute ring, applied tick hour marks, and a date indicator at the 3 o’clock position. The watch uses dauphine hands for the hour and minute, and a simple pointer for the seconds counter, all of which sweep over the trademark star towards the bottom of the dial. The mechanical models are available with the automatic Omega Caliber 8500, which has a 60-hour power reserve, while the quartz models use the Omega Calibre 1532, which has a battery life of around 25 months. While prices vary dramatically depending on the specific model, entry into the Constellation series is typically around $1,700 for quartz models and $3,200 for mechanical.

Noticeably, the modern replica watche uk uses engraved Roman numerals on the raised bezel instead of the simple, flat, printed markers on the vintage editions. Also, the bezel and its claws today serve a less functional and more decorative role than in the past: the original’s flat sapphire crystal that needed to be secured to the case has been superseded by a modern, more stable, domed crystal. On the dial, the use of dauphine hands and tick hour markers are more reminiscent of the pre-Manhattan variants of the series than of the stick hands and Roman numerals seen in the 1980s. Finally, the finishing techniques on the modern version are much more refined than in the past; note the sharper edges on the case, the brushed look compared to the original’s polishing, and the overall higher quality of the watch as evident in its increased thickness and sturdiness throughout.

Of course, there are also many shared attributes between the historical and contemporary models. The modern watch still has the integrated bracelet and case, it still combines various metals, its bezel still has the signature claws, and its dial continues to display a date indicator and the name “Constellation” in a cursive script. The differences lie mostly in the overall styling, placement of features, and finishing. The watch still retains its overall shape, but it’s thicker, with a less flimsy bracelet; it still uses Roman numerals, but now they are engraved on the bezel rather than applied to the dial. The watch maintains its distinctiveness, but now at modern, luxurious Omega cheap replica standards.
The Omega Constellation replica Manhattan line holds a special place for me personally: it was one of my first “real” watches outside of the cheaper, more disposable pieces that preceded it, a watch gifted to me by my father (actually, “gifted to me by” should read more accurately as “stolen from”), which more or less introduced me to the wider world of watches that is today covered in watch publications and online forums. So, with this year marking another anniversary for the series, and with a growing focus by Omega on its historical foundations, it will be interesting to see where the brand ventures next with one of its most distinct families. Whether that is with a renewed focus on pre-Manhattan variants in the Globemaster line, or possibly a curvier model in homage to the 1980s classic, it would surely be one of the more fascinating releases of the year.

Omega Constellation replica Globemaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer

Omega constellation fake uk, is the most popular in the 1950s, the most mighty name. In my mind, that era, those who called the constellation, are some artifacts: Lockheed’s “Connie • Constellation” (1943-1958), Stubeck – Packard’s “fast sail · constellation” double (1955-1956), the US Navy Kitty Hawk class “Constellation” aircraft carrier (1957), of course, the Omega Constellation Series watch (1952).

Omega Constellation replica respect hegemony Pa watch

Lockheed’s Connie Constellation

“Fast sail · constellation” two seat hard top coupe

“Constellation” aircraft carrier

In 1952 the Omega Constellation replica series, its birth mission, is the relentless pursuit of precision, and recognized by the industry’s highest standards – the Observatory test to be certified. In 1960 alone, more than 20,000 constellations were certified by the Observatory. Between 1964 and 1966, Omega also hit a record number of 100,000 even the Constellation watch (No. 24410000 to No. 24509999) are successfully passed the Observatory test records. June 29, 1976, a serial number 39050076 self-winding 1021 movement, the Swiss Observatory received a rare error in the 0 results, into the constellation “C” in the case, as an outstanding member of the constellation family .

The perfect movement in the constellation “C” in the case

Zero error, self-winding 1021 movement, number 39050076, June 29, 1976 was awarded the best operating value certificate

Constellation series since the birth, it is much experts, players love. In addition to high-quality, high-precision movement, the constellation in the appearance of more creative, and soon, gossip face, pie, cross, black fly word, abalone shell, tooth ring nickname spread in the players word of mouth , Until today, as if it is to identify knowledgeable or not the standard.

The pie


Cross, black fly word

Tooth groove, abalone shell

In 2015, Omega from the constellation of traditional features to find out the pie, tooth profile, launched the Globemaster respect hegemony. At the same time, Omega, in conjunction with the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS), has introduced the use of the Swiss official Observatory (COSC) certification as a basis to increase the movement of the test case into the case after the simulation of daily wear, and test the waterproof performance and anti-15,000 Gauss T) strong magnetic field interference performance test. Through the test of the watch, will be “Master Chronometer to the Observatory table,” the title. The first Extreme Observatory’s honor, fell on the Omega Constellation series of new tyrants on the statue.

Not long ago, with the mentality of “malpractice”, we found the Siemens Medical Group, hoping to borrow them and the German University of Erlangen University has just released the world’s first “Magnetom Terra” 70,000 Gaussian (7T) super nuclear magnetic resonance instrument to “Child” to look at the constellation of the Observatory tyrant table, the result has been to 60,000 Gaussian magnetic field, the hegemony is still accurate operation, but the magnetic field increased to 70,000 Gaussian, the metal pointer and the eddy current effect between the dial , Leading to deformation of the pointer to stop running. Moreover, the whole test period, without any degaussing treatment, respect for hegemony always maintain the level of the Observatory’s running value, it is incredible!

Test Start: Siemens employees are located next to the Magnetom Terra facility

Preparation: Dr. Heidemann discusses the testing process with Martina Richter

Accuracy: Monitor magnetic field strength of magnetic resonance equipment

Scientific: Siemens experts track test results

Today’s hegemony, Omega Constellation legend is 65 years, the most brilliant star, is far ahead of the entire clock industry dome star. In this holiday season, want to pick stars?


Omega Constellation replica Grand Luxe

Once the flagship of the Omega brand, the Omega Constellation replica is a much-praised and beloved watch among collectors of vintage Omega watches. Even though the Constellation was already considered to be a luxury timepiece, the Grand Luxe editions were considered to be the most high-end model in the collection. The brick-like designed bracelet of the Constellation Grand Luxe inspired the bracelets later used on the De Ville replica Co-Axial models. These models were available in gold and platinum. In the 1970s, the Constellation models started to “drift” a bit in the area of design, and the collection was re-designed and reintroduced in 1982 as the Constellation “Manhattan,” with the famous “claws” that pressed on the sapphire crystal. Aesthetically, these models have little in common with those very first 1950s and 1960s Constellation replica watches.