Omega replica into fashion eyewear market

August 24, 2016 – outstanding quality, superb technology, famous Swiss watch brand Omega (OMEGA) in the watch and jewelery industry has shared a negative reputation. Recently, Omega once again revolutionize cross-border, to join the Italian eyewear leading global brand MARCOLIN Group launched the brand’s first male Ms. sunglasses series beckons Omega entered an unprecedented new areas.


Omega Speedmaster having exactly like “The Dark Side” ceramic watch bright black surface Omega Sunglasses replica

Omega first summer eyewear collection will be held in August 2016 in the global Omega store on sale exclusively. Each pair of glasses will provide two optional sizes, styles and each will have two different colors for customers to choose.


Iconic claws Omega sunglasses element visible from Omega Constellation watch

The launch of the series inspired sunglasses Omega long history of tradition and extraordinary design, the details of the integration at many glasses aesthetics and technology, so that each pair of sunglasses Omega are different and full of personality. Under scrutinize, you can find many unique design elements glasses Omega: Omega from luxury jewelry flower pattern, from Omega Constellation watch iconic claws, shaped like a flexible hinge crown, like Omega Speedmaster series “the dark side” ceramic watch bright black surface, as well as stainless steel and similar metal injection molding frames.

Commenting on the new release, Mr. Omega President and CEO An Shiwen (Mr. Raynald Aeschlimann) said: “This is an exciting step for Omega replica, the brand because it leads into the unprecedented innovation fields. Omega has a long history, so that we can play a brand of deep heritage and originality, to ensure that each pair of sunglasses are truly embodies the essence of the brand Omega. the Group’s cooperation with MARCOLIN equally profound .MARCOLIN Group has an extremely negative expertise as well as many high-end brand and reputation of the background of cooperation, so that we can work together to create extraordinary products, but also provide consumers with a new opportunity to fully express personal style, and stimulate more enthusiasm for the brand. ”

Omega brand reaching spiritual tradition into the details of the design of sunglasses. Excellent selection of raw metal frame covered with acetate fiber material crafted mosaic-quality anti-scratch lenses, and after careful anti-reflective treatment. Meanwhile engraved with the Omega brand name with the classic logo on the lens. In addition, the brand identity are also found in other parts of glasses, such as nose pads and temples inside of the terminal.

The launch of the summer eyewear collection also includes an Olympic Zhen Tibetan commemorative glasses, to bear in mind the Omega in the 2016 Rio Olympic glory once again play an official tournament timing. The neutral classic sunglasses has only a single color, unique in the series. Classic elegant black matte dark green mosaic UV polarized lenses, porous nose showing Omega brand identity style, full details of the craftsmanship and elegance. After the end of the period until the Rio Olympics events, section 2016 Olympic commemorative edition sunglasses will be numbered and produced exclusively for sale.

Each Omega Vice sunglasses are accompanied by a wooden plaque build wood tree hard glasses case, and Omega swiss replica shop interior used wood echoed. Meanwhile glasses comes microfiber soft glasses bag, easy to carry out.