Cheap Omega Replica Seamaster 1948

Launched in 1948, the Seamaster was the first proper family of watches designed by Cheap Omega Replica. Even though conceived on the base of WWII military watches, the inaugural Seamaster pieces were beautifully designed and suitable for civilian use. Yet, they were given greater water-resistance than their military counterparts thanks to Omega’s novel use of the O-ring gasket technology.

Aesthetically speaking, the Omega Seamaster 1948 Replica Watches were extremely faithful to the original. Certainly not as compact as before, the proportions remained very much on the reasonable side, with a 38mm case. But if the looks are identical, the technology is all about the 21st century.

Besides the change of material for the case, the evolutions of these new platinum editions of the Omega Replica are subtle and the overall vintage-oriented design, so close to the original 1948 model, hasn’t been altered.

First and foremost, the cases are now crafted from 950 Platinum – meaning a much denser Omega Replica Watches on the wrist. However, the dimensions are the same: a 38mm diameter and 11.20mm or 11.65mm in height. The small seconds version, due to the addition of a few wheels to transfer the seconds from the centre to the 6 o’clock position, is slightly thicker. The cases of the platinum versions retain the same finishing, with mostly polished surfaces and brushed casebands. The straps are also different, and are now made of green or brown alligator skin.