Cheap Omega Seamaster 300 Replica Bronze Gold

Bronze diving replica watches are already a popular fashion, and a bit outdated. Omega took a further step by adopting interesting proprietary alloys that combine copper and gold.

The new Seamaster 300 is the perfect watch to introduce new alloys, because the bronze is very suitable for sea exploration, and its gold content creates a warm, slightly old look, very suitable for retro-style designs. The result is a watch that looks old but glorious.

It is worth pointing out that the imitation old Super-Luminova hands on the dial and the warm tone of Omega Seamaster Bronze Gold Replica work better than the steel version, which is obviously a modern watch in color and style.

Although bronze gold is one of the most attractive new alloys of late, Omega already has many gold alloys, from white Canopus gold to red Sedna gold, which makes this new alloy look less exciting.

The bezel insert is brown ceramic-scratch and corrosion resistant and can be juxtaposed with bronze gold. Due to the use of a ceramic insertable bezel, the Omega Replica model is slightly thicker than a steel case with an aluminum bezel insert.