Omega constellation replica series small second hand wrist to reaches the observatory

Never thought, the lady of slender wrist behind a petite wrist watch, can have weathered many powerful inner “core” test. Omega has done this in the past, not only launched the world’s first “” observatory table”, has built the first “observatory for ladies small second hand wrist watch. While adhering to the constellation series good genes, in the magnetic under different temperature condition, power storage, timing function have far higher than the industry standard of ascension. And all this, all over the Swiss federal institute (METAS) measurement of certification testing. Today, you and the home of wrist watch editing together to witness the omega constellation series to reaches the small second hand wrist observatory (model: oath about precision.


Go to sign series wrist watch are always from the first sight of the appearance of bright clever design, and for this constellation series to reaches observatory small second hand wrist mood clock is accurate because her day long constant. Most had prevent magnetic watches can often only can resist 1000 gauss magnetic field interference, and in the current, magnetic field environment is constantly strengthening and cover more and more widely, then omega movement at a higher level of innovation can prevent magnetic. Carry these wrist watches to reaches the observatory movement even if exposed to 15000 gauss magnetic field environment, still can keep accurate travel time.


Omega replica machine core has been developed by the observatory (COSC) by the Swiss government strictly tested, and the ultimate observatory movement after the observatory test by the Swiss government and to accept the Swiss federal metrology institute (METAS) high standard strict tests, of the eight key performance, including the magnetic detection. Not only separate testing machine performance, but also test complete assembly of the whole piece of header.


The “small second hand wrist watch case observatory at 27 mm in diameter, overall and exquisite exquisite, show lasting charming gesture. Inherited the omega constellation ¬†fake series on exterior design classic “claw” design, tie-in set auger bezel, shining the bright light of the constellation gathers. White mother-of-pearl dial USES is the thickest part of the shell, under different angles reflects the unique effect of clouds. 6 position set calendar window, 9 disc position setting small seconds, when the rest of the hour scale 10 fine diamonds. Small seconds from 4 set in 18 k red gold set in a diamond, more show delicate these wrist watches. In such a small shell more diamonds on dial, also the best highlights of superior craftsmanship.

18 k red gold crown embossed omega logo, on the edge of the crown is equipped with non-slip texture, convenient set-up time and calendar.


Grinding and polishing stainless steel link 18 k red gold bar chain bracelet, clasp in omega logo studded with 18 k red gold.

Omega constellation series classic “claw” adopts polished 18 k red gold, the same material on the table, “claw” position between a delicate diamonds, stainless steel watchcase with burnish of drawing modification.

The watch with omega automatic chain to reaches 8704 observatory movement, using silicon balance spring and the new type non ferromagnetic alloy material itself is not affected by magnetic interference, thus no airtight magnetically protection cover for the magnetic field. As it is, the beauty of the movement precision operation state through the transparent sapphire crystal table back, to show in front of the wearer, can also be seen after the Arab style of Geneva corrugated decorative rhodium plated splint and constantly running of polishing on two-way automatic chain system, to let a person can’t.


Conclusion: classic dazzing omega fake sale constellation series make people see the unforgettable, and this “observatory small second hand wrist watch is” beauty in appearance design, each diamond is like a star contain infinite energy, each section red gold watch-chain blossoms like a Daisy in the wrist, soft but not weak is its charm. But what makes it unique is its powerful “core” of official observatory (COSC), Switzerland and the Swiss federal metrology institute (METAS) dual certification to reaches the observatory movement, occurring in centuries telling the eternal pledge.