Omega fake and women’s love

Omega replica Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai, “her time” exhibition is drawing to a close, the exhibition exhibited more than 100 years of the brand female form in the production process of some of the classic ladies watches and antique posters. In addition, the brand also invited illustrator Stephan • Mannell (Stephane Manel) through the beauty of the time traced back, the perfect portrayal of the OMEGA and the bond between women and precious moments.

This piece of “memorabilia” chronology after hours of Seiko secret agents, delicate strokes in the artist under the Omega watch a hundred years of smart design and precision technology has been demonstrated most vividly. Brand watchmaking traditional exudes a stylish and elegant atmosphere, concentrated in the two minutes of video.

Video from the 16th century, the world’s first fake watch the wearer Elizabeth I began, recalled the indissoluble bond between women and time.

In 1848, Swiss watchmaker Louis Brandt founded a replica watches factory, which is now the Omega.
And since its inception in 1848 Omega has always been committed to creating ladies watch.
To the early 20th century, more and more women began to wear watches. Thus, Omega conform to the trend of the times, in this most colorful era of “roaring two decades”, Omega is also in the history of women’s table draw a heavy sum.

With the outbreak of a world war in 1935, Omega introduced specifically designed for medical staff, “Medicus” watch. This replica watches is equipped with central chronograph second hand, easy to medical personnel based on the second hand to accurately read the pulse number, to help medical staff life-saving. “Medicus” Omega watch is the first with a central second hand of the ladies three-pin watch, is the first to use a chain needle to fix the strap watch.

After a world war, ladies watch into the golden age, decorative arts (Art Deco) movement to more rich colors and more bold geometric modeling design to the public in front of the clock design into the golden age. During this period, gold, long or barrel-shaped watch design is very popular. Omega more senior fashion house with France to start cooperation, each watch is tailored specifically for a set of women’s tailor-made perfect accessories.

In 1955, Omega launched Ladymatic watch, is the first self-winding ladies watch, once launched will be a great success. This watch fake exquisitely fusion of extraordinary design and revolutionary innovative movement, equipped with only 1.196 cubic centimeters of ultra-small automatic Tuo movement, and through the Swiss official Observatory certification. Ladymatic watch for the ladies watch industry has injected a milestone in the elegance and charm of the past decades of aesthetics and innovation have a profound impact.

After that, the ladies watch on the demand for more and more rich. 1982 once again innovative design of the constellation series is Omega several large watch series is quite classic and very discriminating table. Its iconic “claw” design and fashion luxury diamond-studded craft, have become a time of women who rush to the Pierre. In 1995, supermodel Cindy Crawford chose to wear Omega Constellation watch, triggering the majority of women have to follow suit.

A short 2-minute video, depicting the different times in Omega for ladies replica watches manufacturing enthusiasm and outstanding achievements, people feel it in the exploration of ladies watch on the road never stop.