Omega Globemaster fake watches sale

Mechanical watch, a long history of children, the development to today, has also become a luxury, is a piece of things is not easy. More difficult to do is innovation breakthrough. Now many brands use technology, are the predecessors of the watch a few hundred years ago to play the rest. Omega replica uk is clearly a special case, developed over the past decade a number of new technologies, the history of the past, but added I did not appear.


Blue dial of the Globemaster, do not have a taste

Omega is now the main push coaxial escapement, the Earth people know things. But today, and we want to talk, is the brand released this year, respect for hegemony. Gambling in English called Globemaster, literal translation is the Earth’s hegemony, a little “dominate the world” flavor. Want to “dominate the world”, paper tiger can not line, gotta some real materials.
In my opinion, the place where the most Pa Ni respect is anti-magnetic. Life, we want to “fire prevention anti-theft Gui honey,” but when wearing watches, the importance of how to emphasize the anti-magnetic is not excessive. Of course, waterproofing is also very important, but usually not much chance of contact with the water watch, and the magnetic field, like the invisible ghost, as the shadow go hand in hand, when the sudden change by the magnetic watch,


Respect hegemony to reach the Observatory watches

Former magnetic table, usually to the movement to wear a “cover”. Do not think crooked, and Durex and Okamoto nothing, the “cover” is actually a soft iron shell, the movement and magnetic field isolated. As a result, the watch will not be affected by the magnetic. Some brands of magnetic table, is used in such a way, the magnetic properties from several hundred Gauss to 1000 Gauss range.

In other words, if the anti-magnetic properties of 1000 Gaussian, has been to force not to. But Omega is not believe this evil, and opened up a do not wear “cover” ideas. It has been developed, a large anti-magnetic material to create movement, in one fell swoop will increase the anti-magnetic properties of a dozen times, reaching 15,000 Gaussian, finished around the explosion to prevent some of the known table. Magnetically strong to such a point, it seems a bit bizarre, but the hegemony really do, is indeed worthy of this area of ​​”Earth Hegemony.”

In my impression, the Omega coaxial escapement movement has the Swiss official Observatory certification, precision natural Needless to say. Respect for hegemony using the 8900 series movement, can be seen as replacement, super anti-magnetic version of the 8500 movement, polished and 8500 modified exactly the same, or the kind of style, or the taste. But the movement of the material, but like the moon’s face, as quietly changed.
Omega fake and the Swiss Federal Metrology Institute (METAS) jointly launched the certification, including eight rigorous testing standards. These standards, the main and anti-magnetic and travel-related. Omega is the first Omega watches through the certification, and to obtain the glorious title of the chronometer. Dial on the Master Chronometer, on the full description of the fine lineage of the table.

4744 4745
Speaking of dial, you will find this table design style is not the same as the common Omega fake uk. It turned out that although the hegemony is a new table, but it took a retro route. It is derived from the constellation watches of the 1950s. At that time, the constellation commonly used “pie”, which is commonly known as “gossip” design. This dial, in the eyes of some old watch fans, enjoy the supreme status. Respect for the hegemonic “pie”, once the classic, to be a modern interpretation, so that people tasting watches at the same time, can not help but recall the glorious history of that period.

4746 4747
Respect for hegemony of the table back is also very Aspect. The eight stars, like the eight flashing eyes, represent the eight most important records of the brand’s creation in the 1940s and 1950s, and eight of the eight stars that have come to the forefront of the chronometer certification. Item rigorous testing.