Omega House replica staged a “cocktail party space”

2016 Wednesday, August 10, 2009, Rio de Janeiro – Omega House incarnation deep space, brings visual feast from distant stars as guests. “Space Legend” • Buzz Aldrin (Buzz Aldrin) as Omega (OMEGA) celebrity ambassadors attended this special “cocktail party in space,” lead people “to ride in space”, to explore a dream.

Omega House replica


Olympic race being raging Rio every day in pushing the limits of human testimony and achievements. The “space cocktail party” has created a great opportunity to celebrate the Omega in space exploration bright long tradition. That night, Omega replica House reflected his “space” theme. The court empty white floating in a bright blue Ying huge artificial moon light, and the entrance to welcome the “Space Girl” is also very special. Their unique “silver” makeup inspired by the vastness of the Milky Way, showing extraordinary fascinating beauty of the universe.
A cocktail reception at each of the astronauts by special energy drinks “Tang” blend, and with space ration bags containing drinks, bring a real “taste of space” and space experience for every valued guest.

As one of the participants in 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing operations, then it is Aldrin wore Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph, completed the highly anticipated Tayue feat. It also makes the Omega Speedmaster became the first cheap replica watches on the moon a watch. 47 years later, Aldrin appeared Rio Omega House, together with the brand recalled moon time. In the afternoon sharing session, Buzz Around the year for the guests unforgettable experience moon; As the evening wore on, guests He also talked about the Olympic athletes, as well as those promoting the advancement of human civilization and spiritual development of precious quality.
“There is one and the same thing, driving those who fight for the honor, desperately wants to prove one’s own ability or contribution. It may not be what the great cause, but you still want to be able to strive to do our best. We are all toward a a goal of progress. or I can in other words, we either discover, or die. the choice is in your hands. ”

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Baz has arrived in Rio the night before, witnessed the legendary American swimmer Michael Phelps (Phelps) once again won two Olympic gold medals. That night he was very excited to share this experience with all of the guests. He humorously said: “Last night’s game to see almost occupy my brain that ‘old guy’ since so long Phelps still got it, he was really very good…”
Omega watches has always been known as space exploration accurate, reliable, trustworthy timing tool. In 1965, the Omega Speedmaster replica watch chosen by NASA officially assigned watch all manned space mission, and in later accompany astronauts completed all six lunar missions, so that the spirit of adventure Omega become a model. Until today, the series is still one of the official NASA astronaut equipment.

The success of “space cocktail party”, the Omega deep space heritage demonstrated most vividly. In this regard, Mr. Omega President and CEO An Shiwen (Raynald Aeschlimann) are very proud of, he said:. “Legend of the moon and space exploration has always been an important part of the Omega brand DNA until today, this is still strong roots deeply rooted in every piece of Omega watches among. tonight, we use such a fun and unique way to celebrate the brand’s bond with the space, and to invite a real ‘space legend’ to Omega house, no doubt to make things even more extraordinary. ”

The end of this magical “journey into space”, Omega House will lead the guests’ return to Earth. ” In 2016 as the official timing about the Olympic Games, Omega will hold more exciting activities not to be missed in this, and guests together to celebrate colorful and boundless vitality of the Olympic event.