Omega relica Olympic spirit

Turning Origin Omega and the Olympic Games, both long-lasting bonds with each other and with each other to become legendary. Since 1932, Omega replica has served as the 26th Olympic Games officially over time, in a fairly long history of the Olympic Games on the progress of the world watch industry, watches and timing also achieved a brilliant athletic event.


When a century timepiece meets the Rio Olympics

2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic flame has been lit, this is the first held in South America the world’s largest and most famous comprehensive sports events, is bound to become an unprecedented sporting occasions. Omega will continue to serve as the official timekeeper of the Spirit, to take up again a glorious mission, the brand will be its enduring commitment and eternal passion to continue to fulfill its due responsibilities, continuing the brand achieved supreme glory.
Omega brand as the official Olympic designated time, the responsibility is huge, which means it is not only a sponsor, but also recorded a large carrier more than one million data. Omega Rio Olympics will provide 335 special sports scoreboards, timing device 450 tons, 480 staff and so on-site professional timing. Of course, Omega cheap replica concern not just a few weeks short of the race, and to concentrate more on research, development and mastery record every second precision timing technology.

From the runway to the pool, Omega fully demonstrate their amazing magic. In track and field, Omega created a lot of very famous precision sports timing devices, including light sensor end camera, starting blocks, false start monitoring technology and high-speed imaging systems; in swimming events, Omega developed the results of the competition to make no questioned the timing system, including the famous touch pad, the touch pad mounted on both ends of the lane, so that athletes can use their own hands to stop the clock, complete eradication of the human timing errors. So, for all the upcoming 2016 Olympic Games in Rio fighting athletes, Omega will continue its extremely rich event experience to provide accurate and reliable time service to every participant.
In 1932, at the Los Angeles Olympic Games, Omega has been entrusted with the task, becoming the first Olympic Games as the Official Timekeeper of the company. Since then, Omega began a long-term partnership with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is. Beginning of cooperation, Omega for the event provides a timekeeper and 30 by the Swiss Neuchatel Observatory certification of high-precision chronograph accurate to a successful outcome of the match will be close to 1/10 of a second, this initiative not only won from BOCOG’s praise, but also help establish 17 new Olympic world record.

In 1948, Omega will be a greater timing invention is introduced into the London Olympics, that’s first end camera, since the design of the follow-up products are still being used in athletics track, and for the event to bring ultra-precise timing experience. End cameras to help determine the precise timekeeper contestants crossed the finish line of the time, can accurately distinguish subtle differences in the results between the athletes, the results from this tournament is no longer controversial. Today, the stadium is used by the end of the light-sensitive camera, which can capture 10,000 digital images per second, a measure of distance, time recording and photo recording blend, were tested on the image will now be a very small difference.

ROME, ITALY - AUGUST 28:  Judges watch John Devitt of Australia (lane 3) and Lance Larson (lane 4) as they touch the wall at the finish of the 100m freestyle final, 28 August 1960 at the Olympic Games in Rome. Controversy arose at the finish line as Devitt was declared the winner by judges even though Larson's official electronic time (55 sec 10) was 6/100 faster than Devitt. Despite protest from the US delegation, Devitt's gold medal was confirmed.  (Photo credit should read STAFF/AFP/Getty Images)
The nuances of the game is extremely difficult to rely on the naked eye to distinguish the outcome, in the men’s 100 meters freestyle in the 1960 Rome Olympics, the referee at the time of judgment championship appeared serious differences, this event makes Omega once again perceived precision the importance of timing. For this reason, Omega introduced the automatic terminal mounted on the pool touchpad, so swimmers can use their own hands to stop the clock, to ensure the correct calculation of the race time, and the results of the competition fair. This design was first used in the 1967 Pan American Games in Winnipeg, and achieved great success.
With the continuous development of the Olympic Spirit, also Omega timing field exploration and innovation. In the 1968 Mexico Olympic Games, Omega provides a 45 timekeeper weighing eight tons and equipped with timing devices, including printers Omega photo finish, this new device is used to capture images of athletes crossing the finish line a moment, in end of the game a minute, you can get to the referee, so that the correct outcome of the match award.

Time came in 1984, Omega has achieved a major breakthrough in the Olympic timekeeping, the introduction of a more accurate means of monitoring violations false start, very sensitive to this equipment, its operating principle is to measure the pressure exerted on the starting blocks for athletes to determine whether the false start. When the pressure athletes to the starting blocks during the boot process applied to 29 kg (27 kg female athletes), the device will start recording their response time, the minimum allowed under physiological response time of 100 milliseconds, the Omega can accurately monitor the slightest false start.
After 30 years, Omega has developed and has formed a highly professional and sophisticated timing system brand in today’s arena visible new Omega starting blocks, Swimming Ranked lights, high-precision quantum timer, optoelectronics sound the starting gun, and the end of the aforementioned light-sensitive camera, etc., each of precise timing tools are Omega race against time product.

In the precise timing of the Omega cheap replica watches, the Olympic record constantly being created, broken, miracles are constantly being created, which is a great timepiece force, but also in the time the shuttle in the Olympic spirit.