Omega replica celebrates the 20th anniversary of cooperation with Cindy Crawford


Since 1995, joined the Omega replica family, Cindy Crawford has become the most senior celebrity brand ambassador. Her unique fashion charm and personal style first attracted the attention of Omega, however, Cindy Crawford soon show its jointly owned by Omega values: commitment to the pursuit of beauty, quality and reliability, and its also pay attention to the traditional line of succession and the Omega replica brand spirit. Cindy Crawford and Omega passionately into every hand in the work, not only in the brand’s advertising, she is more actively involved in Omega replica watches design and event promotion.
Mr. Urquhart, president of Omega replica Global (Stephen Urquhart) said: “It’s hard to believe that we have been working together for 20 years now with Cindy, she is still beautiful and elegant as before over the years, Cindy has made important contributions to the Omega. , but also for the brand brings a lot of fashion elements. She really like the Omega replica family in general, but we are able to work with her, but also feel very honored. ”

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Stephen Tsang for the kind words, Cindy Crawford replied: “It was an incredible journey, unknowingly has twenty years when I was in 1995 and the Omega cooperation, which is already! a prestigious Omega replica watches brands. They set up in the mid-19th century, mostly male exclusive replica watches sports Omega replica watches, diving replica watches is famous, in addition to familiar space program and all lunar missions are so Omega replica watches more attention by the world. I very fortunate to have the opportunity to participate from the outset in the design Constellation replica watches, but now in addition to Omega replica professional and technical achievements, many outstanding unique design leaving her to become the leading fashion replica watches brands, I am very proud.”

In the past 20 years, Omega and Cindy shared countless memorable moments. In 1997, Omega Cindy hand in hand with many other stars gathered in Crans-Montana (Crans Montana), witness her tee shot on the first Omega celebrity golf tournament; in 1998, the Omega brand in India to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth, Cindy show in New Delhi, the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel Thailand traditional ceremony elephant ride; in 2010, she visited during the Winter Olympic host city of Vancouver (Vancouver) and Whistler (Whistler), and the Omega Global CEO Ouke wah together left in the sleigh for a group photo to commemorate this special moment. Of course, these are only Omega replica and the supermodel and business woman in the long-term close cooperation part unforgettable memories.

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The shooting carried out in a room full of natural light studio in London. Filming scenery is very simple, only through the projection canvas background in soft water screen to create a calm and deep atmosphere. Cindy scenery make this simple natural beauty has become the focus of the lens in front. This group of photos charming and the “real”; they captured Cindy strong, confident, and full of feminine temperament. Cindy Crawford during the shoot were wearing the Omega replica Seamaster Aqua Terra red gold replica watches and the Omega Constellation series Pluma Omega replica watches.