Omega Speedmaster replica moon phase watch

The cheap Omega replica watches with bright vivid moon design elements, it will certainly attract your attention. High resolution image black and white contrast delicate moon as NASA’s space photos, if to take a closer look, which also provides astronauts footprints found.

Relations Omega Speedmaster replica watches the moon has always been a chain, after all, it was the first one to be worn on the moon watch. In addition to the space expedition, the latest phase of the moon Speedmaster Chronograph Master Chronometer Watch also witnessed another important milestone in Omega replica‘s pioneering spirit: the end of 2015 Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology, METAS stringent requirements, performance testing for the watch industry laid the new standards.

As the name suggests, this watch features a moon phase display. It is generally believed cycle lunar month is 30 days, but in fact little more than 29.5 genius is correct. Common gear transmission is difficult to control the exact period, but Omega replica watches uk moon phase watch it with ease. Extremely accurate watch movement, 10 years after the operation need to be adjusted, and only turn the crown a few weeks, and convenient.

This watch with lunar cycle coordination of the operation over, the same exterior design harmonious balance. Two pairs of small dial pointer constitute a symmetrical pattern, pleasing.

Omega Speedmaster Moon Phase Chronograph Master Chronometer watch there are other outstanding features, including the dazzling sun lined polished blue surface, steel case and ceramic bezel. Tachometer first liquid metal casting (Liquidmetal®), brought another novelty for the Speedmaster, through a small circle on the dial rhodium-plated, subtle and elegant effect.

The surface of the pointer follow the classic Speedmaster watch styles, but there are parts inside the cheap replica watches huge breakthrough. 9904 new revolutionary movement by the 368 components, leading watchmaking technology into a new era.

The surface of the blue-hyun has unique style and a blue leather strap is true that is a natural fit, and then with folding buckle, duties beautiful and convenient.