Omega Speedmaster replica “The Dark Side” watches

Four years is a blink of an eye the new Olympic Games opening soon. Like to watch swimming competitions people should know that Michael Phelps, the 85-year-born Americans from the 2000 Sydney Olympics began, a total of four Olympic Games football won 18 medals, two silver and two bronze medals. As a movement of people, his grasp of time and also the pursuit of harsh to the extreme, every game is a race against time, this time must not lack a chronograph. He said that their favorite is the Omega Speedmaster watch “The Dark Side” Dark paragraph. Official Watches Model: 311.

Only a few people have set foot on the mysterious moon, “Apollo 8” astronauts adventure and achieved a brilliant inspired creative inspiration on black ceramic super series “The Dark Side” watch. The Speedmaster replica uk “The Dark Side” watch series “blackness” was born watches, it is, the cycle of ever-changing mystery Earth excited by night. Watch the moon frosted classic style table pointer and scale have been blackened and covered with black Super-LumiNova luminous coating, is the “blackness” Origin of the name.


Omega together and explore the vast firmament

As a unique lunar tables, Omega Speedmaster replica watch spanned trip count is more distant than the history of any one. In nearly half a century, there is no can watch like Omega Speedmaster watch, like, always accompany astronauts about to accompany them to complete countless aviation tasks. Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch is the most representative brand watches, the legendary Speedmaster participated in all six lunar missions, called the model the brand spirit of adventure.

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Omega Speedmaster watch black ceramic coaxial praise astronaut pioneer spirit, but to each of the Apollo program astronauts wear Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph tribute.

Re-interpretation of classic design

As Omega distinctive style, pioneering spirit of innovation and forward-looking model, all-black section Omega Speedmaster watch highlight full of dynamic fashion style, popular Speedmaster has added new vitality.

Speedmaster “The Dark Side” watch “blackness” models with polished and brushed black ceramic case, this Omega 44.25 mm coaxial time-table, two polished ceramic chronograph buttons on the shell can be fully exercised alone its function, which can avoid accidentally pressing the wrong button because the impact of the timing device brings.

Watch equipped zirconia ceramic matt black dial with frosted polished ceramic case and complement each other, scrub pointer and scale have been blackened and covered with black Super-LumiNova luminous coating. Watch 9 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions, respectively, with small seconds dial and calendar window.

Speed ​​meter scale with black paint on a black ceramic bezel. Speedmaster most iconic design features of – matt chromium nitride speed scale on the polished ceramic bezel is particularly eye-catching.

This meter is equipped with extraordinary when highly durable fabric strap black Cordura nylon fabric benefit is more lightweight and comfortable to wear during exercise. Also with black ceramic clasp, Omega is also in pursuit of the ultimate detail.

This cheap replica watches is the use of anti-wear flat convex sapphire back through the polished ceramic table on the outer edge of the back engraved with the words matt chromium nitride “DARK SIDE OFTHE MOON” (The Dark Side), in order to Omega Speedmaster glory traditional and classic black style salute. Equipped with the pioneering Omega Co-Axial caliber 9300 self-produced, and are equipped with Si14 silicon balance spring material enjoys a long four years of service guarantee.
This is the Olympic champion Michael Phelps favorite watches – Omega Speedmaster “The Dark Side” jet black money. In this watch, we can see the passion of sports, but also saw exciting, full of the unknown universe sky, this watch so mysterious and fascinating, I think this is the Omega years You are loved by others of the reason.