Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches

First of all, I would like to explain first, Omega on the moon table which watch. If you use the official statement of Omega, it should be “Omega Speedmaster series of professional watch the moon table”, in the Omega official website is the name of the new players need to query, you can check the Omega official website. If popular, that is, “manual super tyrants”, the use of 321/861/1861 manual winding chronograph movement super-chronograph. Because the manual before the board over the moon, so commonly known as the moon table.

Manual super on the moon, and too professional, and Omega gave it in the dial with a “professional” (professional) line of words, so the official name of the Omega Replica series is a super watch professional watch the moon table. Background is finished.
Currently in the sale of Omega on the moon table, but also to maintain the history of the original look. Modern lunar table is characterized by a rod-shaped pointer, crown with a shoulder guard.

I am glad to buy a lunar table, although completely out of chance.
All the magazines, the media, the site to write the monthly super king are writing this table in xxxx xx plan on the space … … I still old rules, do not tell the virtual, take my own words. When I was just touching the watch, I bought a monthly super king, this table is very casual to buy, not too heart, because at that time they do not understand. During that time, I was in the “blind buy” stage, to see what the table is good, to see which table want to buy, in other words, that is, they have no ability to judge, do not know which table is “true value”, which table Is “false value”, my mind only “brand story” “historical story” “self-produced movement”, do not know the market, do not know the price is high or low (now think I was like a “fool” ,Interesting). Want to buy a table, go to ask Pan total, a certain table can not buy I asked most of the table, Pan always said can not buy. The results of one day is amazing, I met an Omega, to ask Pan can not buy, he actually let me buy. At that time the table, is an authentic Omega landing on the super.
I said is “authentic landing on the super”, because Omega on the moon in the history of a single function chronograph, in addition to timing, there is no other function. Later, Omega introduced some manual super, plus the moon phase, and the history of the classic model is not the same. So I am here to emphasize that there is no extra function, a single manual chronograph is the authentic lunar table.

Omega Speedmaster lunar table
At that time the table is a brown plate, brown belt, transparent bottom cover of the monthly super. If you study the model, it is the history of the fourth generation of modern version of the super, that is, rod-shaped button with a button version of the button. Because there is a transparent bottom cover, you can see the watch used in the 1861 manual winding movement, the movement is characterized by the level of clutch and cam, now in the sale of the monthly super service is the movement. At that time, the model with no transparent bottom cover was cheaper than the transparent bottom cover. Landing on the super is a good movement, manual chronograph movement, a variety of activities can see the lever. This table later in my hands did not take long to send away, because after playing for a while I think the manual winding a bit trouble, often forget the winding. Until then I saw foreigners write “new table fans XX misunderstanding”, one of which wrote “new table fans will be underestimated Omega on the moon table, never to have a lunar table” I recall that year’s own, that is not I … … but fortunately I also bought one, and I really want to see Pan Pan look at the table.
I have always felt that Omega landing on the watch is the “industry conscience”.
We are just the opposite of domestic and foreign. In the domestic hippocampus, the constellation is very fire; in foreign countries, super is very fire. I do not know why this is. Anyway, people who buy Europe, most of them are hippocampus. There is a word, my people around my wife are tired of tired, that is, “If you can only buy an omega, then I certainly buy a monthly super king,” said Omega, I would say once. Because I later think about yourself, I feel the heart that, on the moon super really is “industry conscience” table.

Omega Speedmaster lunar table
The most famous chronograph in the bezel has two, one Ditten, a super. These two tables, we all will say, Di pass to take it, the ceramic circle Di pass too fire, super-price ah, Paul Newman casually five or six hundred thousand ah These are facts. So, I think the moon is very “super conscience”. On the history of the moon table, a lot of stories, in the final analysis of a word, on the super king over the moon, is the only table on the moon, the world famous. Is such a well-known watch, Omega has never stopped production, not only to maintain a stable supply, and the price set very cheap. Paul Newman why worth it, because less ah, because it does not produce ah. If the lunar month if the cut-off, the price is certainly a soaring. “You can go into the Omega store at any time, with a reasonable price (or even I want to say very cheap price), at any time to buy a history and the moon on the same calendar on the moon Super (shell shape changes, the movement after 321/861/1861 evolution, but still the same history and consistent). In addition to Omega landing on the table, which luxury replica watches can do this, no of the bar.

Rolex Daytona 6239 Paul Newman

Rolex Daytona 116500
History of descent inherited a lot of watches, casually say a few, nautilus, emperor oak, water ghost, Dietonga, 50  and so on. On the history of Omega is on the moon, the world famous. On the price, these cheap replica watches are more expensive than the monthly super expensive, on the month of ultra-high price of only 40,000 dollars up and down (strip, belt price is different). Go abroad to buy the table, purchasing, second-hand these ways will further reduce the actual price of the table only. Put many years ago, although I have not remember how much money I was on the moon, but not over 20,000 (of course, is many years ago). There is also a very good place to climb on the landing, landing on the history of the evolution of the process, the change is very, very small, and now in the sale of super and 60 years of superpower no difference (landing on the super 1968 changed a movement, 321 replaced by 861). This is a never-ending table, do not worry about the old and new models. So that’s why, buy an omega I’ll buy a monthly super trove, not the other Europe.

Omega 321 manual chronograph movement 
Omega 861 manual chronograph movement

Omega 1861 manual chronograph movement
You all know, now Omega has been fully used coaxial escapement movement, and to the current Zhen Zhen coaxial movement has been very perfect (now the latest is 8900). But Omega has a watch alone, did not use the coaxial escapement movement, is landing on the super. Lunar super use of the movement I feel very “conscience”, from 321,861 to 1861, on the moon has been using the manual winding movement. Omega 321 movement and Patek Philippe CH27 movement, in essence, is a movement; Omega 861/1861 movement, including Panerai, Jacques De Luo, Chopin, Breitling are used, but in today’s watch in the sale, also Only the Omega continues to be used (1861 movement is the rhodium-plated version of the 861 movement, we can see the 861 movement plywood is brass color, 1861 rhodium-plated after silver). On hundreds of thousands of tables, down to tens of thousands of dollars in the table, the use of 321/861/1861 replica watches, Omega is the lowest price. Even if calculated by the public price, as long as 34 million dollars, you can buy the use of this classic manual chronograph movement of the table, only Omega landing on the super can be done.
I suddenly felt that Daytona and landing on the table are very powerful table. Daytona powerful in roasted seeds and nuts, very fire, very expensive, and landing on the table powerful, as the world’s most famous chronograph, Omega did not turn it into roasted seeds and nuts, it is always very cheap Omega.
Omega Speedmaster lunar calendar from the birth of 1957 to today has been 60 years. Although the supermodel later developed the model is very, but the moon table has always maintained a coherent, clear model evolution. I wrote a “five features, identify the ancient Omega on the moon table”, which is not complicated and cumbersome model summary, very popular, you are interested in the brothers can see, as a reference.