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September 30, 2016, the Swiss fake watches brand OMEGA (OMEGA) in Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art opened the “her time” ladies watch 100 years Zhen exhibition. In addition to displaying the history of Omega fake watches, these beautiful and elegant antique timepieces, but also display part of the historical propaganda posters to lead visitors to experience the Omega watch over a hundred years commitment and long-term contribution.

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“Her time” exhibition hall to pure and elegant white and bright golden color of the main warm, the exhibition hall is placed around the various replica Omega watches exhibits, as well as the discovery of the show to explore the drawer.

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A piece of old-fashioned poster telling the story of the Omega had

Looking back over a hundred years, Omega has always been committed to the production of bright and elegant ladies watch, the appearance of the United States will be the perfect timing and movement of the perfect interpretation of each one Omega watch. From the early Lépine pocket watch began to this year, Omega released a highly anticipated series of women’s constellation to reach the Observatory small second hand watch, the exhibition shows a number of representative timepieces.

Launched in 1906, Ms. Omega watch, which is one of the earliest watch production fake Omega, with ivory welding dial, gold minute scale and complex fine Louis XV pointer. Its crown is located at 12 o’clock, specifically for women who were driving a car design, worn on the inside of the wrist to facilitate read time. Which at the time of the watch industry is very pioneering significance, Omega reflects the equality of women’s rights concerns and advocacy.

1910 release of the Omega Art Nouveau style Lépine pocket watch, this attractive ladies Lépine pocket watch dial with Paris-style Arabic numerals scale and pear-shaped pointer, the table is covered with blue translucent enamel and decorated with 18K white gold fine mesh Pattern, the above set with 17 diamonds.

1915 ladies watch, case decorated with black gold mosaic Western board design, with the original paragraph can be adjusted bracelet, even now it seems still avant-garde fashion.

Omega’s “Medicus” ladies fake watches is not only the world’s earlier use of chain pin to fixed strap watch. It is designed for busy nurses and doctors, so that they more accurately in the measurement of pulse when the central second hand to read, and the early watch without a central second hand. This watch is also the first brand in the history of the central second hand with a ladies three-pin watch.

Launched in 1955 Omega “FLOWERS” hidden jewelry watch is undoubtedly a favorite of women. This unique watch with 18K gold to create, set with 38 bright cut diamonds and 17 diamond, by the Geneva designer Jean. Hauk design, a rare shape to make it the Basel International Watch and Jewelery Show Dazzling star.

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The “three-piece” Omega “Structura”, which was a fascination for fake women watches, was the winner of the 1978 Baden-Baden Golden Rose Award, designed by Luigi Vignando. Made of 18K gold, set with bright-cut diamonds and curved black onyx. Watch equipped with Cal.1350 quartz movement, was the world’s smallest movement. And pendants on the necklace, the watch is completely articulated by the link, giving the whole line of soft and elegant jewelry line. Ring is a polyhedron with two V-shaped ring and a fine polished line ornaments. The set contains a total of 130 onyx, 348 bright cut diamonds (7.77 kt).

Launched in 1982, the Constellation series “Manhattan” watch, the legendary constellation series watch the classic design for inspiration. After technical improvements and aesthetic upgrades, watch with four fixed claw design, the sapphire watch and the gasket firmly buckle in the case, to ensure its waterproof performance. Watches replica with barrel-shaped case and round face plate, 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock position decorated with a half-moon design, used to link the strap, which has become the most classic constellation series design elements.

Of course, in this exhibition, the most attractive is the Omega in October has just launched the constellation series to reach the Observatory small second hand lady watch, the new 27 mm table are white mother of pearl dial, 10 diamond hour scale Inlaid in 18K gold arch brackets. A total of eight watches to choose from, all watches have been to achieve Observatory certification, equipped with Omega 8704 or 8705 coaxial to reach the Observatory movement. Watch accuracy than the average Observatory watches increased by 50%, anti-magnetic properties of 15,000 Gauss, far ahead of the industry level. This watch is the first Omega replica Swiss official Observatory and the Observatory to double certification Ms. watch.

Exposure to the exhibition hall, but also feel the enthusiasm for the ladies watch Omega manufacturing. One piece exhibits and posters vividly depicts in different times, Omega respected women’s equal status and freedom of choice of the pioneering spirit of life. Whether it is to enjoy the elegance of high-level social life, sports chic wanton, or the pursuit of a professional career attitude, Omega women’s watches can always accurately capture the noble and elegant and independent self-confidence of women really. “Her Time” Ladies Watch 100 years to reach 2016 October to end. On the Swiss fake women’s watches manufacturing process and even the world’s women’s watch manufacturing process are interested friends can go to the scene glimpse of what Omega unique women’s watch production concept and excellent heritage.