Replica Omega Darth Vader

Omega Darth Vader cartoonToday Watches & Pencils goes into hyperspace. Let’s talk about the helmet shaped big boy (44mm x 51mm, 15mm thickness) from the 1970s with reference number ST 145.0023, a.k.a. Darth Vader. Chuck Maddox came up with this fantastic nickname. Scratch-resistant and lightsaber-proof with a glossy Jet Black finished tungsten metal jacket and armed with deep red sub-dials it beats several swiss replica watches in appearance. If you use your imagination you could even match/blend it with the typical helmet of the lord himself:

Omega Darth Vader watch
With the hidden lugs ‘the head’ of the Omega Darth Vader almost seamlessly morphs into the strap. If you watch the back you will notice the lugs. Although this is a big watch (especially for the 1970’s) I’m quite convinced that it will fit most average wrists because of the slightly curved lugs and the nice tonneau shaped case.
Just like Darth Vader, this watch also wears a ‘suit’: it is build out of two separate layers. The internal layer (‘body’) is the core octagonal casing which protects the movement against (magnetic) forces. The outer layer (‘suit’ or ‘harness’) is put on top of this and holds the black tungsten coating.

Omega Darth Vader & Omega Anakin Skywalker
The only thing I can’t match with ‘Darth Vader’ is the Omega collection in which this epic swiss fake watch has been released: ‘Seamaster’!? Or do you’ve ever seen Darth Vader taking a bath or a swim? The best fake watch is water resistant to 60 meters though.
Let’s enter the Millennium Falcon and go light speed to 2015. Soon the new Star Wars episode will be released: The force awakens. There are several “Star Wars” themed watches these days or even released in the period of this upcoming movie. Some have entry price tags (e.g. Nixon), some for more astronomical prices (e.g. Devon), but none of them does the same thing to me as this fantastic Omega replica Darth Vader does. What is your favorite Star Wars cheap replica watch? What would you recommend to Darth Vader? Let us know and enjoy the movie.