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You look bright stars, the vast expanse of the vast firmament will make people full of yearning, when flash Aquarius meteor shower, beautiful and brief scenes intoxicating, after the black scenery hidden secret in the end, those flashing stars in the end what kind of story. Although small series can not take you to travel between the planets, but it can take you to explore the constellations, following up on a wind as the constellation appreciate the charm of it.
Wind signs include Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, an air sign symbol winter, heavy intelligence and communication. Wind signs people understand the world through Reflection. For them, the intangible ideas and concepts seem to be more real than the physical entity, usually with some idealistic. Due to the excessive emphasis on vision and development of the situation, but may be in a trap of their own reasoning to get out. Their high perception of things, but soon forgotten, and they will not bear grudges for a long time, or in the period of excruciating relationship (especially love) entanglement.

Gemini born each year May 21 to June 21, is the third sign of the zodiac, represented by a pair of twins patterns, suggesting that his double personality. The main characteristics of Gemini’s character is free, on the outside of things encompassing endless curiosity. The biggest advantage is responsive, thorough insights, unique, innovative, so ask them to draw their work schedules, might as well let them play freely at work, in order to have the greatest effect. Their weakness is a good move and a lack of patience. If everything around you as a backwater, not angry, update and change, you feel tired. This is a lack of conviction, perseverance spirit, but also a lack of ideological depth. Favorite color: stripes, multicolor, gray.

Replica watches uk & constellation match


Series 7718.72.31 Omega watch case is made of 18K white gold, with a square of dark blue mother of pearl dial, dial set with 38 VVS grade diamonds (0.04 ct). Dark blue background and white linear streaks each other, creating a hazy mood, large calendar display and large scale breaking the original size of the formal design, very much in line Gemini complex character and distinctive ideological level. Crown made of 18K white gold with diamonds, set with a large diamond VVS level (Weight 0.15 carats), black crocodile leather with folding clasp. Alternative design of this watch is its attractive places, like Gemini unpredictable, although sometimes confusing, but it is worth pondering.

Gemini talented, intelligent, smart, versatile, all-encompassing thing on the outside of the never-ending curiosity. This is a wide spread interest and is willing to assume, the spread of information people mission. Lively, interesting, fresh is their keyword. Moon phase when a Zenith watches, to meet the curiosity of all mechanical twin plaything. This watch will be clever blend of traditional and modern, through the sapphire crystal glass, a symbol of the stars when the true power is always shining in the sky, moon phase window at six o’clock in the direction of a bright moon hanging in the night sky dotted with stars, nine o’clock position has a small seconds. Overall blue gives unlimited imagination, diagram intended to do endless, Gemini has enough spiritual explored.
Libra born every year September 23 to October 23, is a symbol of autumn arrives Libra constellation Libra autumn show in person is congenial special perception. Easy-going and obedience are the main features of Libra’s character, regardless of the Libra male or female, you can see the quality of these valuable, character, integrity, approachable, always shining brilliant charisma and inspiration you the hidden artistic and talent. Insignificant things that will make you feel panic anxiety, always looking for the inner stability and balance. It is able to open up a road to reconciliation for the people living in the conflict, and its advantages are: charming, gentle, smooth character, sharp-eyed, with a spirit of cooperation. The downside is that indecision, lack of candor, difficult to understand. Favorite color: blue, blue cabbage.

Libra has a generous manner and elegant style of conversation quality, this Piaget watch Libra is the perfect spokesman. Piaget Altiplano watch series G0A34113 table diameter 40 mm, 18K rose gold case backup was temperament. Neat and elegant dial Barton lined slender pointer, eccentric movement with small seconds, not too much modification and functional but added a low-key luxury contemporary belong to this watch. Dark brown alligator with needle clasp, equipped with Piaget 838P ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movement, the movement can glance through the transparent sapphire caseback exhaustive.

Mingshihanbo Dayton series MOA08822 watches, adhering to the concept of the last century, when the count of the forties to the year of the famous rectangular watch for inspiration, the perfect combination of unique classic case shapes and lines and features full color leisure life. Some people may think that is not a good side dish table wear, but this watch because of the curvature, and the wrist is very fit. The King men’s stainless steel watch with automatic winding mechanical movement. Case made of stainless steel polished, with sapphire crystal and caseback. The dial is silver, decorated with carved Lo digital meter, the pointer was stainless steel material. The term sounds like celebrities elegant gentleman, a classic design off Libra inherent grace and elegance, excellent aesthetic consciousness.

When the watch is connected with the constellations, the watch was given a special meaning, a watch in each constellation tell the story, reveal different connotations, sometimes simple atmosphere, sometimes low-key and reserved, sometimes elegant luxury … … no need to envy other people’s charm and personality, everyone has their own luminous dots, with a drop of water to see the world you will find a colorful realm of hard to find your favorite table that paragraph, everywhere gem in the table subsection, there will always be with you for a watch.