Omega Constellation Sedna replica watch


Omega Constellation Sedna replica watch ™ gold Omega replica named a new alloy, which fusion made of gold, copper and palladium from three metal elements.

Sedna ™ gold is a 18K rose gold replica watches, or gold minimum content of 75%. Omega Constellation Sedna replica watch ™ unique gold rose red color in some way benefit from an appropriate proportion of copper, and palladium to ensure that Sedna ™ gold reddish color eternal and lasting. The name derives from this new alloy TNOs astronomers called Sedna’s, Sedna asteroid in the solar system is considered one of the best surface color red objects. In addition, Sedna is the Inuit legend who lived in the bottom of the Arctic Ocean goddess’s name.


Watch equipped with Omega replica watches innovation Si14 silicon balance spring material and revolutionary Omega replica 8501 coaxial movement, visible through the sapphire back through.