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Women on the appearance of the charm of fine when the total is always heart, but this does not mean they do not enchanted in the internal precision mechanical Zhenpin. More than a hundred years, Omega (OMEGA) has always been committed to the production of bright and elegant ladies watch, the appearance of the United States and excellence in the perfect blend of movement in every Omega watch.

Uphold the relentless pursuit of precision timing, Omega and the independent testing agency Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) work closely together to create a new watch industry, harsh test standards – to attain Observatory certification.

This time, two new Omega fake ladies watches timepieces have also passed to the Observatory certification, and will be presented in Beijing to pay tribute to female celebrations.

As a result, the first lady to reach the Observatory table has been elegant come.
In this case,

Ten classic ladies fake watches


Omega ladies watch

 This watch by a 18K red gold Lépine watch modified from (therefore, the 12 o’clock at 3 o’clock position), is one of the earliest production of Omega watches, with ivory welding dial, gold minute scale and complicated fine The Louis XV Pointer.


Omega Art Nouveau Lépine Pocket Watch

The feminine Lépine watch features a Paris-style Arabic numerals and pear-shaped hands with a translucent blue enamel and a fine white gold textured on top of 16 diamonds.


Omega Art Deco style jewelry watch

This bright and beautiful watch perfect interpretation of the world was swept the world of decorative arts. Case made of platinum, using the classic rectangular shape at that time, the above set with a series of gorgeous diamonds and sapphires, blooming luxury dazzling brilliance.


Omega for the French market launch of a rare jewelry watch

This is an extremely rare 18K red gold watch, is also the first with adjustable “Tubogas” type bracelet watch, this flexible and flexible bracelet design by many other brands to imitate. At the time of the ad invited to the famous French illustrator René Gruva (RenéGruau) produced, become a sensational headlines.


Omega Ladymatic watch, ladies watch innovation model for

Omega Ladymatic watch exquisite fusion extraordinary design and innovative technology, once launched will be a great success. Watch equipped with ultra-small automatic Tuo movement for the production of ladies watch into the revolutionary elegance and charm.


Omega “Topaz” hidden jewelry watch, for the industry-renowned “Montres et Bijoux” directory and the exhibition was born

This special watch is Geneva designer Jean Hauck (Jean Hauck) specifically for the “Montres et Bijoux” directory and the exhibition and to create a masterpiece for the use of 21 triangular long ladder cutting orange topaz to create fan decoration Surround the dial, the surface and ring decorated with 31 bright-cut diamonds, express a shiny warm beauty.


Omega Moldavita jewelry table
This famous jewelry table is a jewelery design master Gilbert Albert (Gilbert Albert) designed for the New York World Expo will be designed for the collection, decorated with a meteorite impact chain formed by the formation of rare gem-quality Czech meteorite, 18K gold and Platinum case is equipped with an ultra-small self-winding movement, sophisticated chic, it is not put it down.


Omega disc flying series “Jeux d’Or” watch

The beauty of this 18-carat gold watch is as described by its catalog: “The gold bracelet is like the undulating waves that blend naturally with the rectangular case, and the emerald-sapphire crystal over the dial.”


Omega Constellation series “Star” watch

This 18K gold watch dial decorated with a small gold point, the above is also set with a diamond. Buyers can choose the location of the mosaic of diamonds, and personally purchased the name of the watch, the name will be engraved on the back of the table, accompanied by “Star” watch the wearer’s heart to become stars.


year 2010
The new Omega Ladymatic watch

Through the exquisite design of the eternal design and breakthrough technology integration, the new Omega Ladymatic watch Bocaizhongchang, the coaxial movement, bold and innovative dial, bezel and scale design integration for this classic watch into the new meaning of the name.

Nicole Kidman
The famous actor, humanitarian, Omega celebrity ambassador


Over the years, the international film star, Oscar for best actress award winner Nicole Kidman harvested many awards and multi-praise. In 2003, she won the Oscar for her role in Virginia Woolf, a female writer in The Hours.

No matter what role, Nicole Kidman knows how to move people. In addition to acting career, she also for the rights and interests of children and women actively running. She is Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Australia, and the United Nations has praised her as the “Citizen of the World”. At the same time, she is also the UN Women (UN Women) and the United Nations Development Fund for Women (United Nations Development Fund for Women,
UNIFEM), an organization that aims to provide financial and technical support to projects and strategic plans that promote gender equality and women’s empowerment globally.

In 2005, Nicole became the Omega celebrity ambassador, and Omega “My choice” advertising campaign featuring protagonist. At the same time, she also to the identity of the brand spokesperson to attend some of the activities of the public.

Nicole’s passion for the challenge and her multiple roles make her an ideal spokesperson for Omega, her pioneering spirit and the pursuit of quality and coincide with the Omega.

“Time is the most precious being, and how to use it is a very important subject in life.
In this case,

Omega Constellation fake series to reach the Observatory small second hand watch

Omega Constellation series small second-hand watch the appearance of small and exquisite, but more to the United States into the body among the excellent timing performance. Equipped with coaxial to reach the Observatory movement, watch with industry-leading precision performance and excellent performance. The new timepiece inherited the symbol of the constellation series “care claw” design, will be elegant and delicate white mother of pearl dial guarding the meantime. 27 mm diameter stainless steel case with 18K gold bezel set, the bloom is Smart light. The unique design of the new Yi was more attractive: a delicate small seconds dial was placed at 9 o’clock position; calendar window is adjusted to 6 o’clock position, so that the overall dial design more harmonious balance.

Omega Seamaster replica Marine universe 600 meters to reach the Observatory table
“Chocolate” temptation


A chocolate-colored watch? The new hippocampus ocean universe 600 meters to the chronometer is equipped with wear-resistant sapphire crystal, has a charming chocolate brown ceramic dial, dial engraved Arabic numerals, 3 o’clock position with a calendar window. 39.5mm 18K Sedna ™ gold case with a brown ceramic one-way bezel with Omega Ceragold ™ dive scale. Other design features include an oval-shaped screw-in case back and a brown leather strap with rubber lining. Do not worry about this watch underwater performance, the watch core equipped with Omega 8801 coaxial to reach the Observatory movement, water depth of 60 atmospheres (600 meters / 2000 feet).

The new Omega disc flying series of Code name ladies watch


Four new Omega disc flying series name Code Lady watch with diamond bezel and white curved mother of pearl dial, elegant and unique. Slim case with 18K Sedna ™ gold or 18K gold material to choose from, with a charming white, brown or red leather strap. Through the arc-shaped sapphire back, Omega’s manual manual winding mechanical movement is clearly visible, this section of the movement is also equipped with Omega’s unique anti-magnetic technology.

Omega Ladymatic watch


Birth of the 1955 Omega disc flying Ladymatic series of watches on behalf of an elegant style of the revolution. This series of watch will be advanced technology and elegant design integration, to make it popular in the market immediately. Equipped with ultra-small automatic Tuo movement, Ladymatic series created a new era of women’s watch elegant style. For 60 years, Ladymatic series watch influence diminished, and is still the Omega celebrity ambassador, Oscar for best actress award winner Nicole Kidman’s choice.

“Her Time”
Dedicated to the moment to live out my true style of women

In the “her time” home page, Omega fake watches will reveal the brand and women’s long-term origin, presented to the reader by the female creation, and for female creation of exclusive content. Through her in-depth character portrayals, interviews and articles, “her time” provides a refreshing source of inspiration to women everywhere.

From her outstanding stories of female athletes and actresses to the women leaders who engage in cutting-edge technology or promote social change, Her Time provides sincere praise for women’s power.

Watch lovers will be more love this.

“Her time” not only regularly presents to the reader Omega latest ladies watch information, but also in-depth exploration of Omega proud princess watchmaking heritage, breakdown Omega and women through the glorious history.

Unique and intimate “Search Watch” feature will help you quickly find your favorite watch.

OMEGA knows that people love to watch around the world and time zone, so “her time” is available in 12 languages.

Omega “her time” to pay tribute to the great achievements of women around the world provides an exciting opportunity, but also for the watch lovers to build a tasting Omega to enjoy a perfect platform for the meter.

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