Omega fake into “her time”

If the second half of the Chinese circle of the most sensational news, it would have to be a celebrity ambassador Nicole Kidman (Nicole Kidman) attended the front door in Beijing Omega tribute to female celebration dinner night. Its wear in the wrist of the Omega Constellation series to reach the Observatory small second hand watch is this year’s Omega fake for women to create the first to reach the Observatory ladies replica watches.

The new 27 mm watches are white mother of pearl dial, 10 diamond hour scale embedded in 18K gold arch brackets. A total of eight watches to choose from, all watches have been to achieve Observatory certification, equipped with Omega replica watches 8704 or 8705 coaxial to reach the Observatory movement.

After that, on September 30, Omega is also in the Shanghai Museum of contemporary art opened a month-long “her time” ladies watch 100 years Zhen exhibition (October 1, 2016 to October 30, 2016 , Closed on Monday).

Recalling Omega’s watchmaking history, from the early luxury Lépine pocket watch, to today’s highly watched ladies watch series, Omega watches for ladies watchmaking enthusiasm and the pursuit of deeply rooted in the essence of the Omega brand. The “her time” Ladies Watch a hundred years exhibition on display a number of representatives of the timepieces, including the following Omega watch the history of the most representative of the classic watches.

Launched in 1906, Ms. Omega fake watches, which is one of the earliest watch production Omega, with ivory welding dial, gold minute scale and complex fine Louis XV pointer. Its crown is located at 12 o’clock, specifically for women who were driving a car design, worn on the inside of the wrist to facilitate read time. Which at the time of the watch industry is very pioneering significance, Omega reflects the equality of women’s rights concerns and advocacy.

1910 Omega Art Nouveau Lépine pocket watch, this attractive ladies Lépine pocket watch dial with Paris-style Arabic numerals scale and pear-shaped pointer, the table is covered with blue translucent enamel and fine white gold textured, 16 diamonds.

1940 Omega Art Deco style jewelry watch, this bright and beautiful watch perfect interpretation of the world was swept the world of decorative arts. Case made of platinum, using the classic rectangular shape at that time, the above set with a series of gorgeous diamonds and sapphires, blooming luxury fake watches dazzling brilliance.

1946 Omega fake for the French market launch of a rare jewelry watch, this is an extremely rare 18K red gold watch, but also the brand with the first adjustable “Tubogas” bracelet watch, this flexible and flexible bracelet Designed to fit on different worn, wrist, gloves or sleeves. The product was also advertised by René Gruau, the legendary French illustrator, as a sensational headline.

1955 Omega Ladymatic watch, ladies watch innovation model, Omega Ladymatic watch exquisite fusion of extraordinary design and innovative technology, once launched will be a great success. Watch equipped with ultra-small automatic Tuo movement for the production of ladies watch into the revolutionary elegance and charm.

1956 Omega “Topaz” hidden jewelry watch, this watch for the reputation of the industry “Montres et Bijoux” directory and the exhibition was born. This special watch is Geneva designer Jean Hauck (Jean Hauck) specifically for the “Montres et Bijoux” directory and the exhibition and to create a masterpiece for the use of 21 triangular long ladder cutting orange topaz to create fan decoration Surround the dial, the surface and ring decorated with 31 bright-cut diamonds, express a shiny warm beauty.

1964 Omega Moldavita jewelry watch, this well-known jewelry table is a jewelry designer Gilbert • Albert (Gilbert Albert) designed for the New York World Expo for the collection of works, decorated with a meteorite impact on the chain with the formation of a rare Gem-quality Czech meteorite, 18K gold and platinum case is equipped with an ultra-small self-winding movement, sophisticated chic, it is not put it down. This product also won the diamond industry’s top award Diamond International Award.

1972 Omega disc flying series “Jeux d’Or” watch, the beauty of this 18K gold watch, just as its product catalog description says: “gold bracelet as undulating waves, and rectangular case of natural blending. Type sapphire watch over the dial.

1992 Omega Constellation series “Star” watch, this 18K gold watch dial decorated with a small gold point, the top is also set with a diamond. Buyers can choose the location of the diamond inlay, you can also give a star in the sky named, and then the name engraved on the back of the table, accompanied by “Star” watch to become the wearer’s heart on the stars.

2010 new Omega Ladymatic watch, through the eternal design style and breakthrough technology of exquisite fusion, the new Omega Ladymatic watch absorbing, coaxial movement, bold novel dial, bezel and scale design together, for this A classic watch into the new meaning of the name.
“Her time” exhibition to pure and elegant white and bright golden color of the main warm, the exhibition hall is placed around the various Omega replica watch exhibits, as well as to explore the discovery of the display drawer. For all the Swiss women watch the manufacturing process of curiosity for people, absolutely not to be missed. Here, not only can appreciate the extraordinary delicate timeless and beyond the era of innovative technology, but also a profound sense of Omega watch and the production of a unique concept of excellence and heritage.