007 Commander became the hottest Omega Replica UK

Today I want to share with you brothers is the limited edition of the “commander” diving table 300 meters Omega seahorse. James Bond 007 is the latest version of Omega. This watch should be the hottest Omega luxury replica watches on the market, in a variety of circulating Omega, count the market higher. To be honest, I did not think at first, this watch can fire.

Omega Seamaster 300 meters diving table “commander” limited edition.
I think this watch can not fire, not guessing, I have a basis for judgment.
Let me talk about it from the market. As you all know, there are several kinds of Seamasteravailable now in the market. I team from low to high row, 300 meters diving table Omega Seamaster, Seamaster aqua terra, Seamaster 300 (re-engraved), Seamaster marine universe. These 4 kinds of Seamaster from low to high price, Seamaster 300 meters diving table is the lowest price. This is the first point. The second point, you buy Omega players, usually buy the most sea hi AT, ocean universe. Because the Seamaster 300 meters diving table is the older model of Omega replica watches quality seahorse, Omega Seamaster now use 8900/8800 to coaxial movement, the Seamaster 300 meters diving watch is still used 2500 movement, so buy the people to compare less.

Conventional version of the Seamaster 300 meters diving table.
From Omega and 007 cooperation point of view. 007 From the beginning of 1995 Omega, the beginning of the 1995 Golden Eye wearing a quartz Seamaster diving table 300 meters, followed by the “Empire of tomorrow” in 1997, the “Black Friday crisis” in 1999, the ” Died on the day “007 are wearing mechanical 300 meters diving Seamaster. Beginning in 2006, “Casino Royale,” 007 began gradually wearing a 300 meters Seamaster dive table (joined the Ocean Universe), began to change into the Seamaster Ocean Universe and the sea AT. Inside the latest 007 movie “Ghost Party” (2015) 007 wears the latest Omega Seamaster 300 (the engraved one). So we can see that 007 Omega has always been what table new, what table to wear, 007 has not worn the Seamaster 300 meters diving table for almost 10 years.
We can see that in the first three photos, the 007 is wearing a hSeamaster 300m diving watch.

Currently on the market there are two special Omega 007 watches. One is a special edition of Omega 007 “Ghost Party”, namely the Omega Seahorse 300 (engraved) Ghost Party version; one is Omega 007 “Commander”, that is, the Seamaster 300 meters divemaster “Commander” limited edition. As you know, the Seamasters 300 (engraved) is one of Omega’s newest Seamaster, equipped with a coercive 15000 Gauss Cooper coaxial movement and a liquid cermet bezel. The Phantom version of the Seamaster 300 (engraved) also replaced the second hand with the iconic “lollipop” needle in Omega’s history. At that time, I thought I wanted to fire the ghost party fire. As a result, “ghost party” did not fire, 007 “commander” was on fire.
Omega 300 (engraved) “Ghost Party” limited edition, this watch but did not fire up. Commander fire.

This shows that this is really a “look face” era.
In the current Omega Seamaster lineup, Seamaster 300m diving watch is the earliest model, the lowest price, and now the normal version of the price is 32400 (compare, the new Seamaster AT tape is 40500). Therefore, 300 meters diving Seamaster in the Seamaster entry point Omega, the relative, the watch configuration is lower than other Seamaster. Seamaster diving table 300 meters because of the launch of the early, but also later upgraded, the bezel into a ceramic ring, but only the movement has never been changed. At present, the Sea Horse AT, Sea Horse Ocean Universe, Seamaster 300 (engraved) are all used to represent the 8900/8800 to Zhen coaxial movement, only the Seamaster 300 m diving watch is used 2500 movement. Seamaster 300 meters diving watch movement, did not keep up with the Omega replacement, so its price is lower than other Seamaster.

1995 007 first wearing a Seamaster diving table 300 meters (quartz watch) and now 007 “commander” limited edition.However, Omega launch 007 “commander” limited edition, suddenly increased dramatically 300 meters diving table Seamaster, “Yan value”, which makes the majority of players simply could not hold ah. This watch is really good-looking, it simply can not care what it is the movement of the tube.

007 “Commander” Limited Edition uses a ceramic dial, we can see from the graph ceramic words ZrO2.
Omega 007 “Commander” limited edition using the Royal British Navy color, before the hippocampus 300 m diving table color are dark, this time with red, blue and white three colors, what will be bright (because 007 is the United Kingdom Rank of lieutenant colonel). Compared with the regular version of the hippocampus 300-meter diving table, 007 “Commander” limited edition bezel has been upgraded, using a blue ceramic bezel, liquid metal bezel numbers, red rubber 15-minute scale. Familiar with the brothers can see Omega, 007 “commander” limited edition bezel, using the latest technology Omega. 007 “Commander” limited edition dial is not an ordinary dial, is polished white ceramic dial, the dial is very bright. There are 007 signature handgun marks on the second hand, and 7 in the calendar number are also red.

007 “Commander” limited edition color line with the British Navy, and has two strap.
Another significant difference between the 007 “Commander” and the regular version of the Hippocampus 300-meter dive watch is on the strap. The Omega is very sincere, to 007 “commander” with two tapes. A conventional strip, a colored NATO strap. This 007 “Commander” hot, half of the credit must be credited to this color band. Before the NATO tape popular, many players have put on their canvas canvas canvas strap, and later some watch also out of the official NATO strap, such as 50 噚. However, many canvas tape on the market either dark color, or with the color matching watch. The Omega 007 “commander” with the tape is blue, red, gray three colors, and the header color exactly the same, very nice. A strip, a color band, it is worth. 007 “Commander” now represents the highest color of the diving table at 300 meters in the hippocampus.
007 “commander” is using 2507 coaxial movement.

As for the movement, I do not want to say more, 2507 coaxial movement (swing frequency 25200). Because the Omega 2500 series coaxial movement from the 2892 transformation came, so before the end is not through the bottom, the 2507 with a golden automatic Tuo, much better than the conventional version, it is done through the bottom.

We can see that the gold stripes of the automatic Tuo is actually the armband on the British Royal Navy dress.
Low prices, but the market is high
If let me choose this year’s Omega most “heavyweight” watch, then I chose the 007 “Commander.” To be honest, Omega like the 007 “Commander” has not been there for a long time. Let me give an example. Omega new Seamaster AT’s price is 41200 (strip) and 40500 (tape), we all know, under the influence of exchange rates and discounts, Omega Seamaster AT price is particularly good. 007 “Commander” is the price of 37,600, AT cheaper than the seahorse, but now the actual price, cheaper 007 “commander” than the swiss clone watches AT a lot more expensive, about 6,000 more expensive about it. 007 “commander” of the 37,600 price, the actual price is still more than 30,000, I really did not expect. And I also read for some time, 007 “Commander” pretty firm price, so long, but also to maintain the market.

Someone will certainly say, 007 “Commander” is a limited edition ah, limited edition is certainly expensive ah. For the limited amount of this problem, some limited table only a few, and some limited table a few thousand, although both are limited but certainly not the same. 007 “commander” limited edition of 7007, more than 7,000 only limited, in fact, no difference with the amount of nothing. Moreover, the Omega Sea Horse 300 (engraved) “Ghost Party” is also limited. This shows that 007 “Commander” can fire, not by limited, is the value of Yan.

PS. Before this article was posted to the blog, many brothers read the article ahead of me here. After reading it, they both said they thought the ghost party was good looking and said that the Ghost Party has now been under speculation …