The Best-loved Omega Constellation Replica Watches

The overwhelming success of the Omega Fast Tuesday Ultraman Edition and the redesign of the legendary Seamaster collection made waves in the industry, further cementing Cheap Omega Replica influence and position. Compared to the above, the launch of the new constellation “Manhattan” seems to have been overlooked.

The Constellation collection has been an Omega icon for decades. To understand its significance, it helps to know the history of the constellation. The Omega Constellation was first released in 1952 and was conceptualized by the huge success of the Most Successful Omega Centennial Replica Watch, a limited-edition chronograph launched in 1948. Because of its popularity, Omega decided to produce the Constellation collection, which aims to uphold the century-old standard and quality.

Constellation watches originally feature slim, elegant cases in stainless steel, rose gold or yellow gold, with domed dials, toffee hands and diamond-shaped hour markers. True to its name, each Constellation Most Impressive Replica watch features a gold star on the dial, which eventually became the symbol of the Constellation collection. The caseback is as iconic as the dial, engraved with an observatory, and eight stars adorn the sky. With such success and remarkable allusions, the Constellation was undoubtedly one of Omega’s flagship watches at the time.

The next milestone for the Constellation series came in 1982, when the series was redesigned. Known as the Constellation “Manhattan” at the time, the Swiss Replica Watches was equipped with a one-piece bracelet with Roman numerals printed on the bezel and four “claws” at each end of the case. The purpose of these “claws” is to hold the flat sapphire crystal in place, keeping the watch water-resistant and the crystal from falling off.

The Constellation “Manhattan” laid the foundations for contemporary Constellation watches, whose design elements largely trace back to those of the former; although they are not without certain enhancements. For example, the Best Replica Watch bezel is now engraved with Roman numerals instead of printed, making the bezel darker. The “paws” are also slimmer and more slender, and are now more degraded and decorative than functional; the flat sapphire crystal is replaced by a stronger, more secure domed sapphire crystal.

The persistence of the “paw” shows how it has become an integral part of the constellation’s identity and design. Although there is no “pie plate” dial now, the overall design pedigree of the contemporary Omega Replica Watches is very evident, with the gold stars on the dial and the same chronometer engraving on the case back. Contemporary watches contain many historical elements. While retaining the exclusive identity of “Constellation”, they also have the advantages of modern watchmaking technology. Contemporary constellation watches are now more suitable for female customers, with a choice of diamond-set bezels and diamond hour markers.

The dial is adorned with gold stars, and the same astronomical observatory is engraved on the case back with eight stars. Technically, the Globemaster is a masterpiece. This is Omega Replica first Master Chronometer, which has passed the rigorous testing of the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) in addition to the standard COSC. The Globemasters are also magnetically resistant to an astonishing 15,000 gauss, making them one of the most magnetically resistant watches in the world.

Although the Constellation collection has received less attention than other Omega Swiss Watches Replicas, it is seen as the watch of choice in China. This speaks volumes about Constellations’ design – one that is timeless and evocative. Constellation also greatly inspired the Globemaster, this refined dress watch is also a technical triumph. With such historical importance, the Constellation is a watch worth seeing.