What should we replica watches uk when we face DB11?

When faced with Aston Martin new DB11, I almost forgot my identity. This large luxury GT sports car brought me sensual enjoyment far more than any luxury watch. Although many luxury watches and the DB11 has the same, even higher value. But in this head length close to 5 meters, the width of more than 2 meters, and has a slender front of the huge four rounds of biological front is too small and lack of tolerance. In all the vehicles I have come into contact with, the GT sports car has an extraordinary charm. Compared to those who sit on a coin ride even after a girl even put a wash bag space is not a two-seater sports car, a large GT sports car can not only sit down a family of three, but also in the trunk and then put two sets of golf Ball tool. When you press the start button, it can grow out of the planet almost the fastest speed. This is the technology, speed, practicality and some artistic elements together with the models, is simply the world’s best road machine.

Aston Martin DB11
Aston Martin DB11 is the successor to DB9. If you want to ask why not DB10, because DB10 has been Aston Martin as James Bond 007 dedicated car, not mass production for sale, and DB11 is the real production model. I am in front of this new DB11 so that it is beside the Rapide, Vantage are eclipsed. Before you can completely understand its performance data, the new design language alone has made it a sharp weapon. Nearly the proportion of gold in the proportion of the body (the front accounted for 1/3, the body accounted for 2/3) and the new aerodynamic design to DB11 and the previous generation models opened a clear distance. The aerodynamics of the DB11 is fine. The largest single front cover in the automotive industry allows the DB11 to no longer have a conventional fender, and the diversion openings above the wheels can quickly withdraw the air on the wheels to create negative pressure for the front of the car to produce larger Under pressure. Body C column of the diversion channel directly to the rear, so that the air into the channel from the rear of the stove upward discharge, the formation of a virtual tail, so that the upward flow of air and roof flow through the convergence of high pressure, to the rear Department to bring the next pressure. Even with my pair of eyes every day to see the eyes of the watch can be seen, Aston Martin DB11 this aerodynamic design in the road models, absolutely rare, ahead.
More surprising things are hidden under the front cover. A 5.2 liter 12-cylinder twin-turbo engine. DB11 is Aston Martin’s first use of turbo super sports car, forced intake has brought 608 horsepower and 700 cattle meters maximum torque. This is the Aston Martin DB series in the history of the most powerful engine, which brought about 3.9 seconds 100 km acceleration and 322 km / h maximum speed so that DB11 became the most powerful DB series, the fastest speed Of the models, not the previous generation DB9 can be comparable (DB9 need 4.6 seconds broken hundred, rapid 295 km / h).

Aston Martin DB11 interior
As a new member of the 12-cylinder world, BD11’s book data is not comparable to the Lamborghini and Ferrari 12-cylinder models, but do not forget, DB11 is a large luxury GT sports car, in addition to speed, more importantly, it also has luxury Of the leather custom interior, four seats (the rear has two full size ISOFIX child seat interface) plus a huge practical space for the trunk. And from the bullfighting and the horse of the 12-cylinder similar to only in the co-drive on your lover, if any additional staff and luggage please call a taxi.
Aston Martin DB11 domestic price has been announced, the price of 3.288 million yuan. This can not help but let me think, DB11 future owners who want to wear a watch, in order to show this luxury GT sports car with the identity and status. Can someone who disagrees with this idea think that driving a sports car really needs a watch? I think so. DB11 is not an extreme 12-cylinder track machine, we do not need to drive the DB11 racing helmet and racing gloves. Obviously, only a luxury watch and this luxury GT will be sympathetic.
Daqian world, there are tens of thousands of watches, which can only form a beautiful and DB11 match, division famous? First of all, I thought of Omega.

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Aston Martin DB10 and Omega Seamaster 300 are standard in the film.
There is no doubt that Omega looks like a suitable choice. The ancient 007 are one hand wearing Omega single-handedly run Aston Martin DB hit the world (in addition to wearing the first few Rolex). No Omega’s Aston Martin is just a car, with the Omega’s Aston Martin is a Bond chariot. From the latest 007 arsenal point of view, a Omega hippocampus 300 diving table and DB11 with the best choice. 007 is wearing this watch open the Aston Martin DB10 street in the streets of London. This is only with the re-engraved Omega diving table is also the current popular style of Omega, the appearance of a retro charm, but completely use the latest Swiss watchmaking technology to create. Especially with a prominent anti-scratch performance of the liquid metal ceramic bezel and 15000 Gaussian altar first anti-magnetic ability to Zhen coaxial escapement movement, are altar leader, even Omega’s unique technology, which also makes the Omega hippocampus 300 became one of the best diving tables of today’s table altar. In addition, the Omega Seamaster 007 limited edition watch looks like a good choice, each watch on the unique 007 limited logo, you can make everyone on the DB11 can clearly feel that the watch and this Aston Martin exists between the inevitable connection. Omega and Aston Martin is definitely a pair of partners, wearing a watch, press the engine to start the button, you can enjoy the side to play the world.
Omega looks like a perfect choice, all in the film can not be blamed, but the real world I think of a small problem. Value of the problem. Whether it is Omega Seamor 300 or Omega Seamaster 007 limit table, their price in front of DB11 appears to lack of emboldened. Indeed, the starting price of 4 million yuan, for the people who have DB11 serious lack of tolerance. We do not forget, 007 Omega Seamaster 300 in addition to show time, but also more time bomb function, I think your watch does not need to blow up the bad guy nest ability. So the solution to the problem is also very simple, a golden gold chain of gold or platinum hippocampus will directly enhance the watch in front of DB11 deterrent. More than 20 million K gold hippocampus or more than 40 million platinum hippocampus, although not suitable for 007 brought fried bad guy, but absolutely suitable for holding the DB11 steering wheel wrist.

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Luxury full gold hippocampus “golden eye” is also a proper choice.
Of course, a Omega is not enough, even for this new brand DB11 should also add more.
Certainly someone will say, Patek Philippe, Lange, love Peter is not very appropriate. Yes, I did not deny it, but when DB11 faded in front of me, revealing the wonderful body, I thought of a match with it. Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin have a long tradition of friendship. Jaeger-LeCoultre has introduced a variety of watches for Aston Martin, including the famous Jaeger Martin AMVox 1 alarm clock and subversion of conventional, no time button, by pressing the watch to control the timing function of the plot family Aston Martin AMVOX Chronograph. These two watches have a very high taste and good value, in addition, in the destination of the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch, Jaeger-LeCoultre series will also be the best combination with the DB11. This is more than 30 million yuan in the new structure of the basic value of the watch is DB11 1/10, of course, with enamel disk or platinum case of the product family wings watch value will be close to 600,000 yuan. And one of the top style wings tourbillon will reach more than 170 million. Compared to the Omega hippocampus this only show the watch, Jaeger-LeCoultre watch shows more technical elements, looks and the exquisite design of the DB11 are more close to the “biological.” If you have a pair of wings, you have a new movement of the wheel design, watch movement has two power chain (two barrels), two wings, One drive the complex function (timing, moon phase, tourbillon, etc.), the other drive a normal travel time, and the two power chain eventually in the escapement for a, sharing a set of escapement and balance wheel. Jaeger-LeCoultre has the advantage of driving complex functions, but the two power chains do not interfere with each other, clockwork output torque stability, watch swing will not be due to the impact of complex functions caused by instability, so travel time accurate.

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Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin once had close cooperation, launched cooperation models.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Tourbillon may be a choice with DB11.
In reality, in fact, we who do not care too much about the accuracy of the watch is faster 1 second or slow 1 second. Just as Lamborghini’s 12-cylinder Big Bulls break faster than DB11 for 1 second, but it does not matter. More importantly, Jaeger-LeCoultre or DB11 their exquisite structure brought about by the sensory enjoyment and luxury is what we need most. As the owner of DB11, you should lock your watch in your safe. In addition to the above a few, but also should include Richard Mille, Greubel Forsey these deterrent force full guy. When we face DB11, we should talk about those who are worthy of the outstanding watches or full of legendary watch. In the final analysis, do not let your watch live up to this planet’s best GT sports car.