Which is a better replica watches Omega or Rolex?

Both make amazing watches, there is no question about that.

Some facts about Rolex replica

– Rolex uses 904L Steel to make their watches. Most watchmakers use 316L. 904L Steel is more rust and corrosion resistant and polishes very well.

– Rolex movements are in-house. Hand-assembled.

– They have an in-house foundry that makes the gold for their watches.

– It takes about a year to make a Rolex.


РMany Rolex watches are COSC (Contr̫le Officiel Suisse des Chronom̬tres) which is a Swiss institute that certifies the accuracy and precision of wristwatches. Some of the Rolex movements that are COSC are the 3135(since 1988) (and variants 3155, 3175, 3185, 4130) and 2235 (Source: Etude de calibres РLes marques РHorlogerie Suisse )

Some facts about Omega replica

– This is always top of the list for me, Omega made the watch that went to the moon and STILL makes watches for astronauts to this very day.
– Omega has begun to produce in-house movements that will also be COSC certified. The new Omega Seamaster 300, Master Co-axial Chronometer is certainly something to behold. More on it here Omega Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axial Watch Hands-On | aBlogtoWatch (That’s not to say though that they didn’t already have COSC certified movements!)

– From what I’ve seen replica Omega has a stronger and longer-lasting lume. Most people would agree with me on this too. Here is a video comparison
– Omega is much cheaper! But it’s resell value is not as strong as a Rolex. A Rolex makes a great investment if you maintain it as it will only maintain or increase in value. HOWEVER, that’s not to say Omega drops in value and many timepieces do increase in value like some of their Speedmasters & Seamasters.


– Omega also use ETA movements for their watches, they are usually a very high grade and can often compete with Rolex movements. (The new in-house movements however will easily compete with Rolex)

Here is a comparison of two favorites, Omega’s 1120 and Rolex’s 3135

– Both are Chronometers (COSC)

-Both are 28,800 bph

– 3135 uses KIF shock, 1120 uses Incabloc (More or less equal)

– 31 Jewels in the 3135, 23 in the 1120. Slight advantage on the 3135.

– 3135 uses a better winding system. Rolex uses a Teflon that coats the reverser wheels. This makes them every so slightly more durable and a wee bit slicker.

So in this comparison, I’d say the 3135 has the edge, but by a fraction. Some people will say if Rolex is 100% then Omega is 99%. The question is, are people willing to pay an extra 4000-6000 dollars for an extra 1%? The answer is unequivocally yes, considering Rolex’s reputation. It’s over-engineering is just that. While not always necessary (There are SO few situations where you’d need 904L steel) it is still definitely a favorite.

So if you ask, who makes the better watch? Rolex has a slight edge.
Who has the better bang for your buck? ABSOLUTELY Omega.

But, with Omega creeping in with their new in-house movements you may see both those answers belonging to Omega before too long.