Why can Omega replica to become the top watch brand sales?

Omega is a very amazing brand, whether you buy or buy a table, what age, I think you probably heard that there is such a brand, if further depth, you may have had a parent of Omega, and As a lot of people the first piece of mechanical watches it is also a list of selected list, so no matter what the market situation, Omega compared to other watch brands, always in the sales performance can be among the best, behind the strength and Cheats I am also very curious of. 2017 Basel before the show, by the brand invitation finally had the opportunity to find out, this trip includes the Weilley watch factory, to the Observatory and the Omega Museum, I will be divided into two reports to a detailed interpretation.
The first stop: Weier Lei watch factory

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Omega Villeret watch factory
In the morning, we proceeded from the Swiss town of Biel / Bienne to the Omega Villeley watchmaking factory, which was officially opened in 2015, when the brand spokesperson Daniel Craig (Daniel Craig ) To personally expose the curtain. Although the factory is located in the forest-covered Villeret town, but from the factory gate, until the internal watchmaking workshop is spotless modern rigorous style, compared to other watchmaking factories I visited, Omega’s modern management and high The technology of the pipeline machine is really left to me the most impressive and the biggest difference.

Table factory a layer of conference room, placed the classic Omega classic coveted model

Workshop in the spotless modern operation
In the watchmaking workshop, all visitors should wear dust-proof clothes and shoe covers, although the modern assembly line machine in the factory has played a huge role, including the Omega revolutionary coaxial movement is also in this production line carefully Assembly, but to note that the movement of the multi-channel process is still completed by hand, after each step, the quality of each movement must be tested by the team members. Mechanical equipment is only used for lubrication, fastening and control, and human-computer interaction makes these mechanical fine-tuning device is extremely efficient and accurate. Therefore, this aspect to ensure that every movement of the monitoring and data collection to an unprecedented high level, on the other hand is the traditional tabulation and the integration of modern technology with it.

Omega 8500 coaxial movement
Omega in 2007 launched the first dedicated to the coaxial escapement system set up a new movement 8500/8501, can be said to usher in the first small climax, this movement is the biggest feature of the vice escape wheel Divided into two, the original structure of the two-tier structure into a three-tier structure, and the use of non-cardling hairspring, vibration frequency of 3.5Hz, power reserve 60 hours. Thus officially opened the Omega coaxial road.

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In 2008, Omega in the 8500/8501 movement based on the use of silicon gossamer, and have introduced a variety of functions with a variety of coaxial movement, such as timing function, calendar function. By 2013, the brand on the basis of the 8500 launched 8508 movement, a major change is to enhance the anti-magnetic, reaching a staggering 15,000 Gauss, and in 2014 the formal application of the technology in the 8500/8501 movement, named For now we are familiar with the “to Zhen coaxial movement.” Subsequently, in 2016 to open the METAS certification, 8900/8901 coaxial to Zhen astronomical movement also came into being, and Omega has become the only watch industry through the dual certification of the watch brand. Thus, 8500/8501 movement is the brand one of the most important coaxial movement.

Weilley watch factory special “technology space”

Omega patented Sedna gold
There is also an instrument that specializes in the performance of the magnetic field
In the Villeley watch factory, there is a “technology space” to show the Omega watch to create all the innovative technology! Here the display space is arranged in the showcase and embedded screen, so that visitors can watch the watch a variety of components, from the rugged ceramic case to the sophisticated clever coaxial escapement system, although exquisite small, but Are playing a pivotal role! In fact, the “technology space” shows the past R & D results and vision, how to cast into today’s Omega brand.

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Brand in the watch anti-magnetic performance of the results include the revolutionary Si14 silicon material gossamer, and the watch to get “to the astronomical Taiwan” certification of innovative technology. Even the smallest details, such as the pointer and hour scale, Omega is also meticulous. In addition to the showcase in addition to the video, but also has an exclusive interactive presentation, you can understand the impact of the magnetic field on the watch to understand the anti-magnetic properties of Omega watch.
The second leg: to Zhen astronomical station certification center

Two years ago, Omega first introduced to Zhen astronomical table table certification system, in the industry set off no small vibration. After all, this is a new quality standard, beyond the industry generally adopted by the Swiss official Observatory (COSC) certification, but through the COSC certification on the basis of the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) approved by the new certification standards To test, to double the certification system to test the accuracy of the watch, performance and anti-magnetic ability, and create a precedent for the industry. So at that time, I am particularly looking forward to have the opportunity to see how this test in the end is how to complete.

In the final analysis, the quality is always the first element, buy the table regardless of the pursuit of the brand or design appearance, cost-effective, and ultimately the end of the end can not be ignored is always a high quality assurance. Therefore, the certification of the Omega standard is undoubtedly the most powerful voice. All can be called to the astronomical table, have to go through eight harsh independent tests, including the test watch is placed in up to 15,000 Gaussian strong magnetic field in the operation of the watch daily average accuracy, power Storage, 6-way travel error and waterproof performance watch the most important aspects in order to get METAS certification. It seems that only eight tests, but after the steps have to reach more than 200 procedures, after the adoption of COSC certification, and then after 20 days of METAS test, is the quality of the watch made more stringent requirements.

And finally through the METAS test every one to Zhen astronomical table, there will be such a red certification
In the METAS lab, almost all of the cold instruments and a small number of staff were seen, and the air seemed to flow only with rigorous cell molecules, although this was not the most interesting in the tour of the factory, But it is the most reassuring, because you know from here out of every watch are the most assured choice. At present, all the watch brands can participate in METAS certification test, but Omega as the industry leader, the first glory to launch the world’s first to reach the astronomical table, is now the only certification of this watch brand.